The way this dog greets his owner when he gets home

  1. I have a rescue greyhound and she spins like a top with pure joy even if I spend 5 minutes in the garage. It's like the best thing ever.

  2. Whenever I see this, I think of that bogus "dogs don't like to be hugged" study. Clearly, this dog is super excited and wants to be hugged lol

  3. God I've got a Bernadoodle that'll debunk that study. He's tall and lanky so when you go up to him he'll put his hands on your shoulders and then nuzzle your face. It'll melt your heart everytime.

  4. Lmao I always laugh about the "dogs don't like to be hugged" claim. The trainer who ran the obedience class in my town used to try to use that to teach recalls. She'd take your dog to one side of the room and hug them, while you call for them on the opposite side. Her theory was that the dog would struggle to get out of the hug, and then go to the owner who is calling them. Unfortunately for her theory, my dog LOVES hugs, and loves people. When she tried to demonstrate how much dogs hate hugs by hugging him, he just happily snuggled in, and had absolutely no intention of trying to escape her.

  5. If my dog did that, I’d be right on my ass. Of course, 105 pounds of my big idiot German Shepherd is a little different.

  6. My dog just lays on my bed and once I open the door she just runs to another room so she can pretend she was there the whole time. She shows me all the signs of attachment except being pumped when I come home.

  7. My late dog used to sit by the window and look out onto the road for the car to come home (my dad coming home from work). As soon as he saw our car he ran to the front door to greet him 🥰 we don’t deserve dogs

  8. My dog lives outside, so I wouldn't be happy if he jumped on me. Especially in the rain..

  9. Yeah my sister has a half-husky that she and her husband worked hard to train this behavior out of, lmao.

  10. Pfft. People work. People have jobs. If the people who work couldn't have dogs, there would be millions of homeless dogs.

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