When one human’s upstairs and the other’s downstairs..

  1. Oh mine used to do that! And when she got tired of being in the stairs she’d pick one of us and paw us to death so we’d join the other and she could sit between us!!

  2. Reminds me of when I was a kid, everyone else would play on the playground and I would plop my fat arse on the bottom of the stairs to the top of the structure and read a book. I got more than few kicks to the back from people playing tag that way…

  3. Awwww! Our baby assigns herself visitation shifts durning the workday: a few hours downstairs with mommy, a few hours upstairs with daddy, lunch, repeat. She’s so good at spreading the love and making us both feel like her favorite. Doggos are wonderful🥺🥰

  4. Are you sure the darling wasn't just laying there because it was in the way? I'm looking at my GSD right now sprawled across the floor in exactly the right spot to block two doorways and a hall......😁

  5. Any idea how to begin work on resolving this issue? My girl has trouble settling for long unless she’s at the midpoint of the house for this reason.

  6. We about to move to a two story with our husky. We feel bad about her new patrol and guard expectations.

  7. Literally what our dogs do, if I’m upstairs and my parents are downstairs they’ll sit on the stairs for hours

  8. Your dog is discovering the most economical spot to receive pets. By sitting in the middle of the stairs, they maximize the amount of pets they get by making sure that people have to pass them to get upstairs or downstairs

  9. I love dogs with this type of coat. I see them a heck of a lot less than other types. What a handsome, very good boi.

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