JP - 7th Anniversary Stream - 09/28/22

  1. Meh...same old shit. Nothing to get really excited about. Wooo a new leader Mechanic which will probably force us to drain our wallets even more. So excited /s

  2. Any info on the IW revamp? Would be amazing if they gave a way to use multiple orbs at once, but that's probably wishful thinking at best.

  3. why they never learn from gl is beyond me, at least it would've made their server a bit more interesting, but they prefer to treat elena and the other gl units like shit.

  4. Did they mention at all if older units were getting updated with leader skills, or is this just new units now?

  5. omg I can't believe they're adding Leader Skills... I guess there's always one new way to break the meta again

  6. Roca's mech is a magitek armor, she even has a similar pose to terra's promotional art where she is riding a magitek armor.

  7. Leader skills definitely give me some worry. I love Brave Frontier and thought the Leader skills did some neat things for team building, however it's just another thing to power creep units with.

  8. Remember to clear this quest to join the 7K lapis raffle: Season 4 > Chapter 1 > 崖下の森 > 崖下の森 - 真のヒーローをかけて.

  9. It's Season 4 Chapter 1, third area of Taivas's side of the story where you fight Tulien for the first time (not the EX fight)

  10. Ngl I couple months ago I decided once and for all to just give up on hoping for new Espers/Esper ranks, so seeing Garuda was such a breath of fresh air

  11. So setting a unit as the "Leader" will do something again (for the new players, when we only had 1 party slot, setting your Leader was how you set your Companion unit)

  12. I remember using her back when I barely knew what I was doing in this game. I’m so glad she’s finally getting NV

  13. Yes! Ayaka was a game changer for me and my healer until NV ear. I'm so happy she gets an NV version. I hope they do her justice and that she has something that can be at least useful in GL.

  14. wow i almost thought that the rest of the team would only show up further in the end of the season. It's only the "relevant" ones, but that is enough for me: physalis + lasswell + fina.

  15. They're doing unit categories like other gachas do now I think. I think I read something like how KoG has synergy with "Anniversary" units etc

  16. I'm so happy. I made an audible yes when I saw... and an audible 'dang it' when I saw SLB. I don't mind too much, her sprite is one of the coolest designs we have.

  17. Karlette NVA? Magitek Rider Roca? Raegen with a new outfit? Damn, it ticks a lot of my boxes lol

  18. Multiverse Alternate reality Dark Veritas apparently (similar to the way Dark Rain is Multiverse Alternate Reality Vlad-who-took-over-Rain's-Body)

  19. They have actually implemented that already in the game. The keys are not available yet, to my knowledge. These are just events to get the free NVA units (Fran, Reno and all that) along with their over-level pots and items.

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