Cloud smiling

  1. I am hoping they will keep a scene like that for remake….I’m looking forward to the voice acting and how it will be executed for sure!

  2. The person who originally made the source of that meme really needs to meet real women in real life lol

  3. Lol reminds me of any Realtor's headshot advertisement plastered on a Kroger's grocery cart's pullout tray.

  4. He smiles shyly and even laugh at some points in On The Way To a Smile and iirc smiles/laugh a couples of time in FF7 OG but OTWTAS is a book and OG Cloud has no mouth so we don't really know what happy Cloud looks like lol

  5. Good thing to me cloud is one of the worst character in FF history because of his boring sad face serious nature. (Unpopular opinion)

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