Fuck gamers

  1. Never heard of it before, I like dark humour, thought I’d take a look, absolutely fucking abysmal primary school level jokes.

  2. I mean if they're supposed to be for dark jokes and can't even handle a little racism without dropping the ban hammer I dunno what they're expecting.

  3. This is definitely a joke. I cannot imagine or even comprehend the concept of a human being not only capable of thinking this shit up, but actually coding it into the AutoMod, both unironically.

  4. Um........ what? They have almost zero comments on any of their posts. They've ALL been removed for this crap. Wow. I thought mods were bad, but whoever set up that automod is mentally handicapped. Fucking braindead.

  5. At this point their subreddit might as well be a parody of leftwing hypocrisy. Surely, forcing everyone to put 🏳️‍🌈 on their titles for an entire month is not going to backfire and make people hate LGBT people...

  6. I went to that mod since I was curious and all of the comments of all the recent posts have been removed because of the automod lol.

  7. Reddit moderators are dog-walking thieves of breathable air, or literally Ghislaine Maxwell. There is no middle ground.

  8. Reddit mods do about 3.4million dollars worth or work per year.. Just happened to saw hat headline. So, while they are often worthless to us, they are worth great deal to Reddit.

  9. I don't know that community but that seems rather overreacting. Gaming is a hobby of a great many people, and the demographic is expanding rapidly. Not all who identifies as gamers have racist tendencies.

  10. Only one? Go to any political sub and tell a mod their bad memes aren't funny. You'll start collecting them like trophies.

  11. Probably not the reason why he was banned obviously, they just made a joke. The thing is some people will just tell you they have dark humor and say something completely racist with absolutely no punchline and believe they can just get away with it. The mods probably just made a funny copy and paste reason they use to mock the people they ban

  12. Dumb sub anyway, looks like a bunch of 13 yr olds trying to be edgy. Report a few of the jokes for hate and watch the sub die.

  13. Imagine discriminating against a whole group of people because of your belief in a stereotype. That reminds me of something else...

  14. What's worse is when you don't believe in your bosses belief in a stereotype, but you still swing the axe for the sake of keeping your job.

  15. That sub pulls bullshit like that all day, every day. It's the worse. They put ridiculous rules for commenting and posting. The mods there are wild.

  16. Not a surprise, since some or most gamers say it's a true gamer when you flame others, sometimes going so far as to be racist.

  17. Yes. Gamers are all racist and white. So you just think that you are black, but since you are a gamer you are actually part of the KKK.

  18. You skin colour doesn't matter. You're a gamer therefore a racist, please go and check your white fragility sweaty 💅✨ (/s)

  19. Darkjokes is a troll sub. You get banned for commenting. Try it yourself, it's a free ban to add to your collection.

  20. It's too late, prepare to be banned from all of Reddit shortly you f'n scum. I can't believe that you're raising a child to also be a gamer.

  21. That's disgusting. I fucking bet you pick Yoshi too. Making that green dinosaur carry the WHITE man on his back. You fucking make me sick!

  22. I hate that. Racist jokes are the foundation of dark humor. Just because I'm a gamer, doesn't mean I would do them because of that. I do racist jokes because I'm german

  23. This is a joke… this sub has been purposefully being antagonistic and banning everyone for the memes. I am shocked how many people here can’t tell this is satire.

  24. Yeah there are hundreds of people commenting here who got trolled, hard, and don't even know it

  25. If it makes you feel better, the person that banned you is most likely an incel on a power trip. If you haven't been banned from a subreddit then you simply haven't had the pleasure of disagreeing with a mod.

  26. Imagine if these people discover black people play videogames too It may be a toxic community depending on where you go, but damn is it inclusive and full of every kind of people

  27. "We are going to discriminate against the group you belong to because we believe that group discriminates against people just for belonging to a group."

  28. I think there is a huge difference between actual gamers and COD only gamers. Ones really chill and the other forces people to listen to their music through their earbud mic

  29. While we’re at it let’s target some other niche groups that are annoying. Vegans, cyclists etc. This is absolute garbage.

  30. You're like one of those virulently homophobic TV preachers who ends up getting caught with a 12-year-old boy in his pool cabana 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. The modern liberal is actually a totalitarian marxist by college training. They seek to control thoughts and punish any words they disagree with. Money says this was written by a 20 something Karen whom can recite Toxic Masculinity verbatim. Erasing people is a trait of some very dangerous people, Mao probably would applaud Karen.

  32. The sub has been going down the toilet for months, mods power trip like mad, and everyone hates them. Reminds me of a particular mods I keep seeing.....

  33. Oh look, you got banned by AwkwardTheTurtle. I don't understand how they're still around after they've been proven to have broken reddit rules multiple times.

  34. The irony is that these mods claim to enforce rules against brigading… but they are the ones brigading in the first place just by banning people for having multiple interests.

  35. Some of the mods of Reddit are very power hungry for some reason. Ah well. Reddit gonna Reddit.

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