Help Narrowing Down?

  1. If you're set on the Rose Unhide, keep it in your cart. The first one I ever bought was directly from the Unhide site with a discount, and it's superficially the same as the one I got in an FFF box, but the one from the Unhide website has one loose seam. I don't think you get better quality buying direct like the other commenter said. FFF is a co-owner of Unhide and the stock is all the same. If a small Rose is the one you want, you can't beat the price.

  2. I'm not set on it, I've just heard so much about these blankets lol! I have a fake fur blanket already (a gift from TJ Maxx or Ross probably), but if it's super luxurious it could be worth it to me.

  3. The Laura Gellar eyeshadow palette is just okay. It's pretty, but most of the colors are the same on the eyes, and the have a ton of fallout..

  4. I don’t have any tips (I need some in my cart!) but my one tip is to just google each product and look at google/Amazon reviews

  5. Heads up, that hair treatment has cannabis oil in it that's not listed. FFF confirmed the ingredient in the forum and said it would be updated last sale, but it hasn't been yet. I hear so many good things about it and I want it so bad, but I gotta stay away from that ingredient for now 😔

  6. The Laura Geller palette is fine, not very pigmented but if natural looks are your vibe then I say it’s a good idea. I noticed no difference with the Dermelect Eyelid product.

  7. At the risk of getting myself blacklisted on this sub, I would drop the Unhide. The ones directly from the company are on a completely different level of quality and there are frequently coupon codes available bringing them down from full price.

  8. Do you happen to know of a current coupon code? I really really want the Braided Marsh but don't want to pay $165 for it 😬

  9. I got the REN moisturizer previously, and while it has a bit of a funny smell, I did end up using all of it and liked it overall. It's on the lighter side for a moisturizer so I haven't repurchased (I live in a really dry climate and need something heavier), but my sensitive skin had no issues with it.

  10. I also got the Ren moisturizer in a past box, but I couldn’t handle the smell. I’m not particularly sensitive to smell, but I ended up throwing this product away.

  11. This is good to know! I have skin on the more dry side, and I also want something that absorbs sort of quickly in the morning.

  12. I hated the smell of the stone street products. It’s very olive oil scent heavy. Also the skin and co made me breakout but I have pretty sensitive skin

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