My given choices for cat 5 &6, I had used the $15 off coupon and Rakuten for a seasonal box

  1. I actually was disappointed I got them when I saw the spoiler! I thought they were itty bitty like dollar store quality. Wellllll I got the box today and just spent an hour on them🤣!! Definitely better than expected lol. I even used my pens from a different season fabfitfun box, while in my spring fff robe 🤣. FFF taking over 🫣🤣

  2. I got these in my box this time around and I really enjoy them! I take the train on my morning commute and I prefer these to using my phone. They’re fun

  3. I received the same For category 5 and 6 for my extra seasonal Box I ordered last week. I'm actually looking forward to getting them, I don't have these ones.

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