For the annuals who currently have access to the edit sale-is it worth budgeting for or is it the same things they usually have? Anything stand out? Seasonals have access next week and I’m indecisive on whether I should save my money for this sale or something else I have in mind.

  1. I usually have a cart full and nothing was too tempting. Even the stuff that “sold out” wasn’t appealing. Lots of things you’d find on Amazon. Plus I’m trying to cut back on frivolous spending 🤷‍♀️

  2. It very much depends on what you’re interested, I look at some peoples’ carts and love them and others I think “wow, I literally would not pay for any of that.” No shade! Just not my thing. If you have a few go to’s you tend to like, maybe that will help us narrow down?

  3. There were a lot of kitchen options! I thought the manual can opener was particularly odd. That's not really a fun, fancy, treat yourself kind of options that you're excited about getting from a subscription box. That's more of a "hey, can you grab this while you're at the dollar store?" Kinda things.

  4. Thank you for your response! Yeah that’s a good point you made about everyone having different tastes. Hmm lately I’ve been searching for sunscreen, beach towels, tote bags or cooler bags, paddle brushes for straight blow drying, sunglasses, and always liner socks. Just off the top of your head, did you notice any of those items?

  5. I would choose to save your money, and possibly check FFF week for a better discount or even wait longer since we’ll see the same stuff again.

  6. It honestly depends on what it is you're looking/hoping for. I didn't think I wanted anything to do with the sale, and then today I got an email about the L*space cooler that I missed out on last season. So I have that, and a $15 unhide in my cart. I may not end up getting them, I guess depending on the next few daily deals. And I also did notice that a few things were not as discounted as I remember from previous sales. One ex. That immediately comes to mind is the Perricone no makeup lipstick which was about $9.99 last sale, and is now $14.99.

  7. On the other hand, the Natasha Moore Powerhouse Classics collection was $12,99 on the last sale, and now it's $9,99.

  8. There was quite a bit listed under "new arrivals" and it does not seem as cosmetic heavy as a lot of the sales. I did not see anything I couldn't live without, but have still managed to rack up $77 in my cart since noon LOL.

  9. I have a few brands I always check for and I’m lucky this time to find a few of them! But nothing that I don’t already know and love is tempting me in this particular sale

  10. I saw a lot of stuff I hadn’t seen before and liked! I had to stop myself from favoriting too much. There’s more I wanted but I don’t think I’ll have enough for it all lol

  11. Came back bc I noticed 2 items I missed before... Summer & Rose has a vegan leather bag that looks better quality than the Samara one. Mind you, I don't know much about vegan leather, but just the look of it seems a lot nicer IMO.

  12. Thank you!! I love those collapsible cups and I’ve had one in my shop cart for ages but I just haven’t checked out on it yet. I might get that if it’s still there to use the Unhide as a gift :)

  13. I'm keeping an eye on the Daily Deals, since in past sales I've noticed they've done throwback category 1 & 2 box items, so maybe I can find a FOMO item... Right now I have the wedding bundle on my cart because of the Prive Revaux glasses, a cute necklace set and -I don't really care about- the Frye card holder.

  14. I was going to skip it, but the Draper James nightie is only $10, and the Short Stories bowls that I had FOMO for not getting were there. The MB reveals have also been fantastic so grabbing one of those. I may dump it all, but I would also like to get the corkcycle straws so we shall see. I've been using my corkcycle for wine, so I haven't really missed them.

  15. I wear the Draper James nightie as a dress all the time and get compliments on it lol. It’s so comfortable

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