Sunday Riley A+ serum is in the edit sale for $15 now

  1. I went to the sale at 1:23 PST, saw it, stocked up and then came here to post, but you beat me to it. 😇 On the winter box it was limited to 1 per person, so I'm quite happy to be able to stash, my face LOVES that stuff but my wallet hates the MSRP price! Deals on products like this are what make all the hassle of dealing with FFF kind of worth it 😆

  2. Oh my goodness thank you so much for this! This is a holy grail skincare product for me and I was so hoping this would pop up in a sale again! You're awesome :D

  3. Awesome, thank you! I’m still working through my first bottle but for the price - can’t beat it. Scooping up two so I can get free shipping.

  4. What are the main benefits of this product? I have it but have not been using consistently. Would love to hear the positive impacts people have had while using this product!

  5. Retinol is great to help with anti-aging and clearing up skin! I’ve used Retinol for ~ the past year now, and am new to Sunday Riley. However, if you google retinol you’ll get a better sense of the pros and cons of it! I do like a good deal which is why I grabbed two, and am currently working through a bottle.

  6. I have a giant long scar that from past my hairline to my nose from a car accident. Retinol literally gave me my confidence back! It soften and reduced the appearance of my scar. I almost cried when I saw it actually worked. I use to be soo pretty before the car accident. My face got ruined by a drunk driver. It brought my self esteem so low and I didn’t leave the house for 2-3yrs because I didn’t want ppl to see my face. That retinol saved my life. I was in the brink of suicide tbh. It also helped me get rid of acne scars and other skin imperfections. This serum is my holy grail. I’m not even joking either. I’m deadass serious. Retinol is the best thing ever

  7. I got 3. They always put stuff in the daily deals at 9am Pacific time. I was refreshing like crazy few min before 9am 😂

  8. Yup I was right! 9am pacific time they add more stuff on the daily deals section! I just snatched up the new products rn

  9. So I stay pretty up on the daily deals and I was working all day Sunday so I missed this one and I'm super upset about it. I'm more upset about the fact that the people that already have one can grab more than one. Like I have two bottles of the tan luxe but would happily give up one of them for one of the Sunday Riley retinols. That is a very coveted product for people who know a lot about retinol and I just think it's one of those products that is a rarity. So how is it fair that we're allowed to stock up on products that other people can't even get one of?

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