Does it bother anyone else how we get our tracking information for lasership and then the package takes like 2 weeks to actually ship? Am I just too used to the instant gratification that Amazon provides?

  1. So it’s not that it actually takes two weeks to ship from lasership. It takes that time to get to lasership. Lasership provides the end stage delivery only. They do not receive the product from FFF and only operate on the east coast. My tracking always picks up in NJ like 2 weeks after tracking is provided, then I get it within a few days.

  2. Totally. However what I do appreciate about LaserShip is that once it finally starts tracking I get my order a day or two after that. This is in comparison with FedEx, which may show movement slightly quicker but it still takes 10-14 days to get my box after that and I have to watch it cross the country and inexplicably sit in random cities for days and maybe go backwards for a few days as well.

  3. Amazon has ruined our perception of time of delivery for many things. I owned a monogramming shop and I had to turn away several company orders that wanted 2 day service for things like golf tournaments, picnics, etc and their lack of planning didn’t allow me to source the shirts and embroider their logo on in 2 days!

  4. Yes and yes. Subscription boxes ship differently and while I get that, I wish they didn’t. Amazon really changed perception of how fast shipping could be done.

  5. What gets me is they tease us with sending us tracking when the label is made.... then people (I'm people 🤣🤦‍♀️) stalk the tracking and it takes at least a week for it to leave the warehouse....

  6. lol exactly! Just don’t send me my tracking number until I have something to track 😂 I track it multiple times a day until it actually starts moving

  7. I remember back in the day (way before FFF or even Amazon) if you ordered something it was normal for it to take 6-8 WEEKS to arrive. I think we are too used to the instant gratification these days. I’d rather not even getting a shipping notification at all.

  8. Remember the olden days, when we had to tear the order form out of the catalogue and fill it out and MAIL IT IN with a check, and just hope that we did the math right and that nothing was out of stock? 😂

  9. Oh, yeah. I hate tracking. Nothing happens for 2 weeks, then bam! Your package arrives. What’s the point of laser ship tracking?? I like to know when to be home!

  10. FFF see me my tracking number with Lasership on 6/28. I kept checking and nothing. Got a text this Morning that my packages was going to be delivered today and it was around 5:30. They shipped my summer box too and the same thing. No updates until the day it was delivered. Pretty annoying.

  11. Yeah Amazon spoiled us. I just want to know why on items I bought around 2 weeks ago is still pending shipment, how long does it take for them to mail out orders from their edit sales?

  12. I don’t mind it takes awhile to ship, I just don’t think I should get a tracking number until it actually does.

  13. Exactly! I’m fine with waiting however long it takes within reason, but I don’t like having a tracking number that doesn’t show anything lol. Someone mentioned lasership is a more regional delivery, and if that’s the case, then give me the tracking that gets it to lasership lol

  14. Can someone explain to me what lasership is? I'm on tails and I've been trying to figure out where to go next! That's so cool the fact your even getting packages I've been trying to use pidgin to chat with a few people to make sure I m not making any mistakes. Can anyone give me any advise?

  15. Lasership delivery driver here, so basically is like Amazon, but we receive packages that are next day delivery or packages that are supposed to be delivered quick

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