Fall Category 2 Spoilers

  1. I don’t hate this category, but I do think some items aren’t good enough for category 2 (even given the fact that they downgraded category 2 to be cheaper). The measuring set and the embroidery kit, for example, feel more like category 4 items in my opinion.

  2. I am pretty new to FFF, people keep mentioning throwbacks... do they add old items to all of the categories as choices, too?

  3. Someone just suggested that I get this and cut it down to size on the FFF forum. Yes let me buy a new item that doesn’t work for my standard size pans and spend time cutting it down to fit a quarter sheet versus buying a product that is made to do the job.

  4. My first thought was about how fast that is going to get stained. I didn’t even think about the size in relation to pans or cookie sheets.

  5. Thank you! I was excited to see the silicone mat because mine is roughly 13 years old and really needs to be thrown out. Had this not been pointed out, I would have picked this customization and would have been so disappointed to see that it won't fit a standard baking sheet.

  6. Did anyone watch the video? It has a serum and embroidery kit not mentioned in the spoilers. Cmon FFF get yourselves together 😂

  7. I think embroidery might be considered a throwback as it was in winter’s uncustomised boxes even though it didn’t appear as a choice for us

  8. Those might be the throwbacks, so they'll announce them on the 18 because now doing a separate announcement for old repeats is a thing 😅😅😅

  9. I don’t mean to be a downer, but this is the first time I’ve been disappointed by most of the options in every category. Maybe the replacements will be better?

  10. Same for me. I usually have one product that saves the box and there has been nothing I want and need. I really hope category 1 saves this box.

  11. I will get the Glow Recipe Moisturizer, as it's a product I have paid full price for before and would buy at full price again, but I am not excited by this category. There are several things I love in category three. I know this would be logistically difficult, but I wish, instead of categories, we received a certain number of points per box - things that would have been in category one would be three points, two points for categories two and three, etc., and each person gets a certain number of points - I would much rather have two things from category three (at no extra cost) and nothing from this category

  12. If I didnt already have unopened backup moisturizers from fff subs I would easily choose that. But I do. And cost wise it doesnt fit the vategory for me.

  13. It’s my last box after 9 years. I’m somewhat happy it’s not the best because it justifies my leaving. Although I’m going to be peeved if 2023 has amazing boxes for the 10ths anniversary, this year’s boxes has been mostly misses for me.

  14. Me too. This will be my last season. I already knew I was going to cancel after fall anyway, but it would have been nice for the last box to still be exciting, especially as I skipped summer for both my accounts.

  15. The home items this box are so lame. First time I will skip one of my annuals. There are categories that I want nothing. Every cat is so skin care heavy. Every one.

  16. That’s my biggest complaint. If I wanted a beauty box I wouldn’t have subscribed to fff. My second complaint is the boxes are lacking a seasonal theme. Last years fall box was SO fall, this just seems random.

  17. Watermelon moisturizer seems more Summer to me, and a pink and white scarf doesn't seem very Autumn either, and ENOUGH WITH PINK!!!!! They could have picked Fall colors for the scarf. WTH!

  18. Anyone try the babelash serum and have good results? I've always kind of wanted to try but have heard about some bad side effects :/

  19. I swear by it! I’ve been using the Babelash serum/conditioner duo for over a year now with no adverse side affects. Sure, it stings if you get it into your eyes but not for very long. My eyelashes are now so long my BFF asked me if I was wearing falsies!

  20. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s works but you do have to use it consistently. I haven’t noticed any side effects. I have green eyes and they haven’t changed color. It also appears in sales regularly if you get it and want to keep using it.

  21. There is a thread in the forum that someone shared, apparently if you have certain color eyes, it can stain or cause issues. If I get a box, this was my pick for this category. But I’m going to have to research more.

  22. Major meh vibes on this one and I'm super salty that it's missing the Summer Friday Overtime Mask from the survey that has been pretty much on point until now. Since there's nothing I want in this category, it's in between another moisturizer that I definitely don't need or the scarf to gift to my daughter that might be too bulky for her at 10. Not really excited about either option tbh.

  23. Why is there ALWAYS a scarf is the fall or winter boxes? How many scarves do we all need? FFF staaahhhpp. Normally I love category 2 bit this fall is rough.

  24. I have 2 annual subscriptions. Finally a category that I know what I want and excited for. ☺️ it’s going to be a pink fall I guess!🤣

  25. Yikes, I’m really not too sure about this box in general. Thought about getting an annual subscription again if the fall spoilers were good but nothing has really wowed me yet. Will have to look at everything after all the spoilers are posted and think about it 🤔

  26. I think I'm getting the scarf for a Christmas gift. Pink isn't a good color on me. But, it does look cute.

  27. They've said before that the pink was because it was showing as the preference on surveys. They said they are making a change but because boxes are selected well in advance it would be a while before the change appeared.

  28. Hate to say but I haven't been excited at all by all the spoilers. I keep hoping something looks good from all the spoilers but nothing looks good

  29. I like this category (maybe a little too much!) but nothing really feels like it's worth adding on so I'll have to make some cuts.

  30. Just canceled my subscription. Might get a seasonal when/if they offer a discount but these choices for category 2 are a hard pass. Only good category for me so far was 3.

  31. Hmm, this might be the first box I skip. I'd be interested in trying the Glow Recipe Moisturizer, but I don't think it's pregnancy safe, and I don't want to keep collecting skincare for future use. The scarf looks cozy, but I'm over pink and wish they'd pick a more fall color. If I don't skip, I'll probably choose the measuring set -- not exciting, but I'd use it. Fingers crossed, category 1 is better! 🤞

  32. Ok so the scarf and moisturizer are enough to sway me to still get my fall box and not swap for credit… let’s see what else comes and also what category 1 will hold

  33. I don't really understand this category, lol. That said, my husband broke two of my cheap plastic measuring cups, so this is great timing!

  34. I’ve never chosen one of the fitness items that also come with a few months of free subscription. I guess you don’t have to activate the free app/subscription but it probably shows you how to use the product and the workouts? Not really sure I like this concept, it seems like maybe they will hope you forget about it after the 3 free months and then they can start charging you for it. Hmm 🤔

  35. Ughh the scarf gives winter vibes, not fall. I don’t need any of the baking equipment, I have plenty!!! MAYBE the resistance bands since with don’t have any, but I also don’t use them for my work outs. Hmmmmm.

  36. I like the scarf and will (hopefully) be picking the scarf but I also have so many scarves that im not really excited by this..

  37. I have been wanting to get FabFitFun for years and now that my finances are fairly good I took the plunge in summer. I regret it. I haven’t been excited about anything really and it’s just been more ‘well I guess I’ll get that because I dislike it less than everything else’. I already have a set skin care routine that I’m not looking to mess with. I didn’t realize it would be So. Much. Skincare. Ugh.

  38. I like mine but I have yet to figure out a good way to wash them because they fold so much. I just make a big mess.

  39. They are already saying a category 1 spoiler is a colander set that matches the measuring cups/spoons in cat2. If I wanted a home registry (which I already have) I would have gone to bed bath and beyond or you get the idea …. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  40. This is really a skincare-heavy box. Yeesh. And I can't believe the pink & white scarf. Why it gotta be pink, y'all? That's not autumny at all. Me no likey this season's box. Not worth renewing for. 😑

  41. I am up for renewal with the Winter box. Can I get credit for fall without renewing? I have never skipped before.

  42. If these are the choices no wonder the category dropped down to $12 for add on choices. 🤣 Just an awful choice of selections

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