Cancelled box, but charged for refills?

  1. I have just had an email saying "nice, we got your payment!" Checked my bank account, they have indeed billed my credit card. I am absolutely livid. I cancelled my account after my final box in my subscription (summer), I have a confirmation email confirming this. They have now taken money from my credit card without my permission, for a cancelled subscription. Fortunately I didn't have many refills, and I rarely use this card, but for some people close their limit this could really mess up their finances. Currently sitting in a chat queue, I want them to refund me and delete my card details from their records. There was me hoping to go back to FFF next year but this feels scammy to the extreme.

  2. They double billed me for my annual! I'm so pissed. Is there another option for cs rather than text? I cant seem to get anything to appear other than text CS and ive been waiting 2 hours

  3. I’ve heard this happening to a lot of people today- Something definitely going wrong in the IT/Billing department. They really should be offering all of us $25 credits for all the BS they’ve put us through this summer/fall….. I’ve come across more angry FFF subscribers in the past 6 months (on these subs mainly, but also first hand from friends who also have subscriptions) than in the past 2 years combined.

  4. I'm having this issue too. I cancelled my annual sub and this morning had a charge from FFF on my account. Turns out it's for my refill. I'm trying to chat with support via the Support option but no one has responded back for 30 minutes. Is there any other way to contact them?

  5. You’ll need to chat with CS about a refund and what you need to do. The only way I know to cancel refills is during the customization process.

  6. Same thing happened to me, I waited on chat for more than 3 hours then gave up. I texted them and got an answer in 10 minutes, so I would try that way. They refunded me and I asked them to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  7. This happened to me too. My last box was winter. Out of the blue they billed me for refills last week. It was definitely their error as it has not happened before. In my case, the cc I used with FFF was recently compromised so the charge didn't go through. I messaged CS, but have not heard back. I also asked for my cc info to be removed because FFF makes it so you cannot remove your cc even after you cancel. It's shady garbage.

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