Random extra add-on items being shipped in my fall box. 🤔

  1. This is the $200 mystery gift using the Dr. Brandt code for new annual signups. I have the same thing coming because I signed up for a second annual with the code.

  2. Thank you, i had no idea it was a annual reactivation bundle, I guess I must have lucked out because I didn't sign up for a fall annual membership, I signed up for an annual at the beginning of the summer season and received a free summer box for reactivating into an annual. Somebody had an oops. I'll wait Till the Box is actually here just to confirm the items are in the Box. Because they had quite a few glitches during the annual season.

  3. I got the same items too included in my box! I have been annual for about a year, and didn't re-sign up! Weird, but I'm not mad about it!

  4. Thats awesome, Same here I'm up for renewal for the Winter time and I'm quite surprised they sent me this, I'm waiting to see if it's actually coming in the Box or not it says it is I'll find out probably next week. I'll never say no to free stuff..lol

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