Random item - was this an add on?

  1. This is actually a fabulous product. Try it— it’ll make you look awake, refreshed, and takes years off! I sound like a shill, but it’s an expensive product, and worth every dollar.

  2. I haven't gotten my box yet, but I hope that I get some. It works really well, and my eye Dr approves :) They are expensive to buy.

  3. I hope there's one in my box, that stuff is awesome! Love getting creepy white eyeballs! 😆

  4. I have received these drops from a few beauty boxes over the last two years and I love them! They are super pricey so I’m always happy to get them!

  5. I've gotten it before but never used it. I don't think I have issues with red eyes, but it's not something I'm self conscious about and I never remember to try it, lol

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