current Fall 2022 customization options available.

  1. Hummm. No more shampoo.. socks, masks, serums or hair products. I was gonna get a second box but ill pass.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Thanks for sharing i was really curious to know before purchasing.

  2. I can’t even convince myself to get a box 😭 this marks officially a year canceling my subscription

  3. I only really want the weekender bag, but I can't justify getting a box just for that, especially with UK tax and shipping :( I'm hoping for a good discount deal later in the season.

  4. I got the weekender bag, it's ok but definitely not worth the full price, it's very lightweight and the straps are cheap looking. It's currently gathering dust in a closet but hopefully I'll get to use it soon to see how well it holds up. Actually the thing I loved the most is the vegetable chopper, wow it chops great

  5. I have the abstract coming. I got it cos I wasn't sure what I wanted in cat 1. If it arrives and I'm not a fan I can trade or sell you it? (I am in UK btw) *can't guarantee though cos I may love it lol I just do not need another bag let alone a Weekender

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