FFF Advent Calendar 2022 spoiler

  1. Kitch makes the best of the "satin" (rayon polyester) pillows because theirs have a zipper to keep the dumb pillowcase on more than three minutes.

  2. It looks about the same value as an average annual box, but it’s about twice the price, and there’s no customization. Am I understanding this correctly?

  3. There’s 12 items vs 6 items in a box. You’re more likely to be able to like everything in a 6 item box because you have choice vs like everything in a 12 item box

  4. I had it in my basket till I saw what was it in, definitely a pass for me. Spending 90 dollars for only one thing I'd what ( the socks, lol) is ridiculous. Lots of people in the forum said they'd pass( well they did say it a couple of hours ago, are there lots drooling over it now???) how disappointing, I saw last's years and it look great plus it was cheaper, this year it's crap

  5. I was considering shopping this sale to grab the calendar, but I could buy the things I want at full price and still spend less than the cost of the calendar. I was also interested in the new Fenty glosses, until I saw it was only a $6 discount. Might as well just get them full price with quicker shipping

  6. Thanks so much for posting this! I was tempted because I thought the concept sounded really fun, but I'm not interested in most of those items, so definitely not worth $90!

  7. Thank you! I was hoping to see a spoiler post! Some nice products but not enough that I’m excited about to warrant purchasing

  8. Considering the process that they sell these items for, and you can get these items for at tj maxx... its a hard pass. This is a total flop like last year.

  9. I don’t see them discounting it, but they will probably put the individual items from the calendar in sales again, possibly at deep discounts.

  10. Too expensive for too few products and even fewer that I want. I'm holding out for the ipsy and glossy box Advent calendars.

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