Unhide Blanket Availability?

  1. The small ones $29 have been in at least every big sale (addons and edit sales) for the last 2 years. They are usually thrown into other sales between those too. Well, most of them anyway. The medium ones $39 haven’t been in as many sales but they do pop back up at least once a season usually so no, I wouldn’t consider them rare.

  2. I would say this: they’re often there but I suspect it is to get rid of last inventory of past Unhide items to replace for winter items. (Unhide pillow has been shown on FFF for winter already.) they also posted a dog blanket, which is tiny and comical but I really do think they’re getting rid of all the old Unhides to make room for newer stuff. So… no guarantee this size will be back or at that price. I say it’s worth it if you have the $40… and if you don’t, DM me when you do and I’ll just send you one of my extras I’ve ordered for future use 😅😂

  3. I purchased the medium one from an UnHide Sale just the other week for $70. And then it was in the Edit sale for $40. 🤦‍♀️. But it so luxurious and big and comfy that I bought the Edit sale one too. So, now I have two. One for me. One for the kids. You won't regret it!!

  4. I don’t know that they’re in every single add-on/edit/flash sale, but I definitely see it a lot. I finally bought one recently after seeing it a bunch of times.

  5. They are pretty common in these sales. They are decent blankets, but in all honesty, I have nicer ones from TJ Maxx that I got for $20. They are super soft at first but kinda lose some of it after a couple washes.

  6. Agreed. They’re so nice at first but after a few washes they’re not as soft and they look old. Meanwhile my $20 HomeGoods blankets are just as soft as the day I bought them and they look more expensive than the unhide.

  7. Yeah I have to agree. I have one and it’s fine but I’d rather go and buy a blanket at TJ maxx. The blanket would at least be bigger as the small unhide doesn’t even cover me fully

  8. It was much cheaper in the summer edit- I got it for $15! Not sure if that was a really special one time thing, or if the price tends to fluctuate throughout the year (maybe they figured a blanket wasn't a very "summery" item and put it on deep discount?)

  9. If $40 seems like a lot of money atm for a blanket then honestly I would pass on it. Unhide blankets are nice but also hyped imo. I agree with those who say just go to TJ's and get a cheaper blanket.

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