Lud-in-the-Mist now free on Project Gutenberg

  1. And Project Gutenberg Canada! For example White's The Once and Future King is there but not on the American server.

  2. I really enjoyed this book. There were some hilarious insults. There was a great metaphor that I don't want to spoil about a particularly dull person and how their mind was similar to a struggling teapot. It had me laughing for days.

  3. Nice! I finally got around to reading this last year and really loved it, it is surprisingly humorous and fun, with a great quirky fae stories. I can see why it is so often cited as an influence by modern authors.

  4. I just read it earlier this year and found it very enjoyable. Just the idea of the story revolving around a fantastical "drug problem" was an interesting one.

  5. For those interested, I started doing a reading guide for Lud in the Mist. Only got up to chapter 19, but there's a lot of little tidbits that I hope will enrich your reading experience.

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