Just been started on Pregablin for fibro pain. Anything I should expect?

  1. I’ve been taking pregabalin twice a day for years now, a lot stronger than that. I’ve found it very good and tolerable. It made it feel really sleep for the first two week, but once I got used to them, that wore off. Sometimes they give me a headache. The side effects are far less than the pain they help with. Well worth giving them a good go! Good luck and I really hope they help you!

  2. I have been on it for three years now. It made me very sleepy for the first week or so but that passed. Other than that I have had no side-effects whatsoever and I am on 300 mg a day.

  3. I've been on pregablin for a year or two now, at 75mg twice a day, it's made my periods irregular at times (but I like that XD)

  4. Yeah, I am trying to take my meds at 10am and 10pm every day, set some alarms too so I remember to take them haha

  5. Honest question so don’t take offense. What is pregablin? What exactly does it do to help? Thought they don’t know what fibro is? How Can the test It with certain chemicals?

  6. Pregablin (or lyrica) is in the class of anti-convulsants, and it basically helps by decreasing the pain firing neurons of the brain (which is why some people experience increased brain fog while on it as it slows things down).

  7. I started 75 mg 1 at night and after a week I got soooo dizzy, and nauseous stopped! Now doctor wants to up it to 100 and asked me to try and push through though dizziness! I picked up the new prescription four days ago, not sure!

  8. I started with only 25mg at a time. I’m not a dr so I can’t advise you. But maybe you could ask your dr about slowing building up to the 100mg dose by gradually increasing the amount of medication that you’re taking. It’s a softer gentler way of getting your body to adjust to the medication in my opinion.

  9. Pregablin 25mg capsule made me like a zombie, I couldn't function, they then put me on the lowest dose in tablets so I could cut them in half ( 25mg tablets) first day was great, loads of energy.. felt like I had my life back, day after I felt like I had a permanent hangover and was agitated to the max, also had stomach ache, heart palpitations and felt generally ill

  10. I take a much stronger dose twice a day. It used to make me VERY lethargic and loopy in the beginning when I would wake up (this has gone away). It has definitely helped lessen the effects of pain but it’s not completely gone. If I eat gluten or dairy, all bets are off.

  11. I’ve been on the same dose as you for nearly a year now. Initially made me pretty sleepy, but I can’t recall any other side effects thankfully.

  12. I'm on 150mg. It's been great for 10 years, but I believe it's starting to lose its effectiveness. I'm being referred back to rheumatology for options. GP is refusing to increase it. They'd rather wean me off it because it's an opiate.

  13. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the GP wanting to wean you off, as Pregabalin is not an opioid medication?

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