what do i do now? (forest rebuild age 2030)

  1. simulate 10 years and see if you get the message that you used to get in like fifa 16 that you unfortunately have passed away

  2. Challenging scenario: 2-year transfer ban and club goes into administration - You just sell all high-earners (say over 40k a week) and have to play and sign only players from your youth academy or those who earn less than 40k.

  3. This would be fun but also the fastest way to get sacked by the board as well when your objectives are "Win the champions league, win the league, win the FA cup..."

  4. Sell a few of the best players, then leave to a new league. It’ll simulate that the players were sold because you left and the new coach didn’t have them in his plans. Or make a story line that your club had huge debt and have to sell players.

  5. what i did when my chelsea team was all 90+, was sign a couple of promising players who couldn’t get in my team to 1$ release clauses so i’d get fired immediately. Then i’d sign them with a new club and build the team around them.

  6. Start a new challenge, sell some of your best players, a team with this calibre of players isn't really sustainable, maybe for one season only. Try to find new talent and try to stay at the top with this strategy, also, I love the fact that your team isn't 90+ everywhere.

  7. Honestly, at this point I’d say the save is done. If you’ve won all there is to win, have no one else to buy to improve the team, repeated titles, I’d say you’ve done all that’s needed and it’s time to start anew!

  8. Who is that Popescu ? I’m a romanian casual fan and thought all of our players weren’t pretty good, but his overall seems science fiction...

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