Solo Fest meet-up? It could be cool for all the people looking to meet up with new people had a spot to do so? Maybe the brewery? Maybe Thursday? Maybe noon? Thoughts?

  1. I'd love to join, 25F, but I won't be getting in until Friday evening. How would people feel about a group chat or something for solo peeps?!? (I'm also looking to join a camping crew!)

  2. Yo everyone who posted here (and for future posters), check reddit DMs, I created a GC for everyone interested (please don't post if you're a serial killer tho)

  3. Hey everyone, love the feedback. Solo meet up happy hour 3-5 Thursday and Friday in the brewery tent. Let’s talk bands we wanna see ❤️

  4. Maybe another meet up some time on Friday too? I think I’m going to wait until all the rain has passed to come up ): But would be interested in meeting new people!

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