Vip wasn’t worth it. Do you agree

  1. VIP is like that every single year. It stood out this year because attendance was lowered and GA had a ton of room. Most of what people are paying for in VIP is to not get run over by a bunch of wasted kids.

  2. VIP is well worth it depending on what you’re trying to get out of it. How people experience a performance may vary from person to person but no one way is more “correct” than the other. Just because someone may not be matching your energy doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the performance just as much as you are or more. I have some artists who are very dear to me and I watch their set with a lot of attention and intent and I have others who I may dance to. Yes there was a time when I said the “real” experience was w the GA crowd, but things change over time and likely will for you too. There are also other perks mentioned above that quite simply make your day just easier w VIP. That’s worth it to some people.

  3. Agreed - VIP crowd was boooring. I think That’s largely due to a majority of VIP being an older crowd. VIP attendees I saw having fun looked to be younger (20-30s) But at the same time, I don’t care. It didn’t stop me from dancing jumping around and cheering at the top of my lungs. I still thought VIP was worth it. I didn’t get that pass for the crowd.

  4. Agree on all points, especially the one on Karens and the chairs. I’ve been doing VIP each year so far, and this year I really questioned its worth. I dance and I don’t care. It’s pretty easy to work up to the front, as most of the VIPs don’t even know the bands. But this year I looked over into GA and I could have got closer for every band I cared about. I go out into GA to find a chair, to buy food, and to get beer from Dogfishhead. AC bathrooms in June are quite good, though.

  5. I would agree the vibe was very subdued - a lot of artists pointed it out too. We bought VIP for 3 main reasons and also don’t think it was worth it.

  6. I knew it was dumb. I got closer in every single headliner than VIP and got to dance and interact with crowd. Just seems stupid to buy VIP and watch from a perch like its fucking Shakespeare

  7. Bahaha I was watching a few show from the rails at VIP and saw all the people having more fun in GA so I just jumped over. Even got a better view from GA lol. Literally the only perk was the nicer bathrooms. Maybe if it had been June all the extra shade would’ve come in clutch but in September I ended up having more fun watching some shows from GA. Hey firefly maybe add more than 10 chairs or more games/amenities to make VIP feel worth it

  8. VIP was worth it for me because of the bathrooms and the lounge when I was too tired to be with the crowd. But other than those times, I stuck with the GA crowd because there was way better energy

  9. If you saw a group of people dropping it low at lizzo, nelly, Billie and megan that was me and my crew. I feel like no oneeee else besides us we’re dancing. I was losing my mind looking around and not even seeing people bop their heads to the music at least. Def threw off the vibes but I will say I did enjoy the space to dance, the cold water and the shorter lines for drinks/food.

  10. This was my first time doing a festival VIP because all my vacations got cancelled the year before and i had some extra spending money. I think VIP was worth it because I got to see wayyyy more bands a lot closer than I normally would without even trying. I strolled up to Billie 15 minutes before she started and got like 10 rows back. The longest I waited was an hour for Cage. Another perk was the water, I easily drank 5-6 bottles a day(Saved myself 20-25 dollars a day right there). Every time I went in a VIP section I’d grab one just to have with me. One of the only gripes I had was that the Wonder stage no one was checking wristbands and there wasn’t any lounges, drink stands, or bathrooms in that vip area. But other than that, I danced and felt like I got my extra money’s worth, so what if a few Karen’s looked at me weird? Being normal is vastly overrated.

  11. Agreed! Wonder stage had the best vip view but I wish they had a bathroom and bar on the side of wonder vip area, it was just soo dang small. They should have made more room for something there

  12. You sound angry. You mustve been one of the prissy rich kids I was aggressively dancing next to while your hands were in your pockets lol.

  13. This was my 8th year and VIP always looks boring af which is mainly why I’ve never done VIP. Would much rather be in the GA crowd

  14. I snuck into vip for mgk (literally just walked in and nobody questioned me lol don't come for me) and it was hella quiet during his whole set... like you could almost hear a pin drop lol

  15. Lol yeah Sunday night security stopped caring about who was in vip. I saw a lot of GA bracelets around on Sunday night.

  16. Agree! Shitty long line when gates opened at 7:30 Thursday, nothing special in the actual VIP area. You have to be in the middle of people at a festival to feel energy, VIP is sidelines, regardless of your age (and yeah I skew older LOL). The only good thing was bathrooms (the left side ones were great) and being able to distance if you wanted which was my main driver this year. Even the views and sound are a bit off at times. Missed first 2 Cage songs because I had to wait 1.5 hours for food (we had the privilege of waiting just as long as everyone in GA because there were only 2 trucks). Wonder VIP was better. That said I had an amazing view of Glass Animals - except Dave was on the other side of the stage the entire time.

  17. Idk VIP was 100% worth it for me! Not a DE native tho lol. The chair situation was annoying for sure. I’m getting older and it’s nice to be able to just chill in between sets but people were definitely being annoying with saving seats. I went with my friend and her dad who is disabled, and I saw someone asleep to an empty chair, I gave it 15 minutes and then I grabbed the chair for him and they immediately woke up and she yelled at me but I kept moving. Fuck that shit, these seats aren’t assigned 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. I've done VIP in past years, but did GA this year for the first time. For me, September makes the difference. VIP has been 100% worth it for cooling off and having places to sit down when it's crazy hot out. In September? Not really. Air conditioned bathrooms aren't that big a deal when it's 50 degrees in the morning.

  19. I told my wife that even if someone gave us free vip or super vip passes, I wouldn't want to watch any sets from the vip and super vip sections. Being in the crowd is such a big part of the experience for me and those sections always look so dull, even at the craziest sets. We moshed, crowd surfed, danced with strangers, sang along with strangers, and just enjoyed the weekend being with everyone else, and I think being in one of the exclusive sections would totally take away that experience.

  20. I used it for bathrooms, shorter lines for alcohol and food, free water, the hair salon (my favorite perk), and a tad more space on Sunday evening when I was strung out and tired. Other than that I enjoyed the sets and energy in GA, only opting to watch 2 sets from the vip viewing area. I agree the vip crowd was less sociable than our in GA, but then again people have different priorities when they buy a vip ticket so I kind of expected that.

  21. You must have missed me because I was dancing like a fool in VIP lol. Agreed that wonder stage and backyard stage people were much more subdued. Also main stage view sucked hard. But what was worth it for me was never having to wait in line and being more spread out and having a place to sit for a hot second when I needed to rest my 35 year old feet and holy shit the bathrooms. The line for the GA bathrooms at night was unreal, I was thrilled to not have to wait in that. I dunno - I hear some of your complaints, but I have no problem going wild when others were just chilling and the perks actually were worth it for me. The only sets we watched from GA were cage (our fav, so we wanted to be in the center), and mgk because we knew that tiny wonder vip section would have gotten packed.

  22. I love doing VIP for the bathrooms. This year I literally said there needs to be a Fun People VIP section & a Boring VIP area. Sooo many peeps in VIP just standing there, ugh!

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