Cleaning my carta, cotton from qtip head ripped right off in this hole…tried heating it and blowing it out, even tried canned air. It wont budge, and its clogged AF. Help, please? Any suggestions? I swear, this thing gets clogged after only 2 uses. Ughhhh

  1. I used to have a lot more clogging when I loaded too much and pulled too hard. I finally found out that if you barely hit it, it doesn’t clog and get as messy and still can get huge rips. But yea it’s a goddamned messy unit I’ll give you that.

  2. THIS IS THE WAY! The cata has a little learning curve the main thing make sure u don't put more than a couple rice grains maybe a Lil bigger but does not have to be a globber to get the job done..secondly is the inhale u DONT hit like a bong..slow inhales and u can watch the glass milk up. I also finger carb the cap..I've had my OG CARTA over a year and. Ahalf..freaking love it..if u pull hard u will suck the concentrate out of the bucket and into the atomizer wasting and making a mess to clean...normally after my dab I don't even have to use iso everytime bc if the dab is the right size no mess just wipe out

  3. Pour iso into top and leave it. You will know it is working when it drips through to the bottom and pools up. From there make sure to blow residue out BEFORE trying q tip (I recommend pipe cleaners when there is cold wax in a hard to reach spot).

  4. That is one thing i dont have. Pipe cleaners 🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you. I just poured some 70% iso in the hole and am patiently waiting. Fingers crossed.

  5. I pour 99 iso in there and let it soak…I’m sure it’ll come out after that… and yes…I do it every time…yes that means pretty much every other day… lmao… I’ve had it for 2 years still works

  6. I try to explain this to my friends but they continue to just load 10 giant dabs then complain it doesn't work right, it's not an XL size banger that can just be wiped clean, the air holes clog so easy

  7. For cleaning in general especially cause you’re dealing with some of the stickiest shit ever I HIGHLY recommend 91% iso or better it’ll help a ton when cleaning forreal . Also I’m not sure the dab size you’re taking but try just a bit smaller to help with less clogging in the future if they were already small then you might just have another issue

  8. Pour some.iso in the top and let it sit. Try to get the cotton out with a paper Clip or something like that. In the future do your self a favor and get a wire baby bottle.brush set at Walmart or target. Qtips cotton comes off and so does pipe cleaner fuzz. Trust me get the wire brush.

  9. The Q tip has a lot of cotton. Remove half with a pinch and pull and half the cotton left on the Qtip will be suffice to clean and even put into the carta to clean.

  10. I always gently touch it first incase its still too sticky and any cotton that does stick, tweezers always get for me, now I wipe the oil from that spot after a few dabs, the carta is cool if you keep it clean but the amount of cleaning makes it better as a travel only rig for me

  11. That happens to me all the time. You need a piece of wire, pipe cleaner, or anything to bend and poke it through. I’ve used anything from Cotton q-tips that I bent to my girlfriends Bobby pins. Break an end off and push it through, 12 gauge wire works good too

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