Texas BBQ Brisket

  1. Two reasons: first, you can buy special thicker nitrile gloves, which are ideal for handling, ahem, hot meat. second, they look more appealing when you are handling meat. Smears of rub, meat juices, etc. look grosser on blue or clear gloves than on black. Is that superficial? Yes. But it's true. I'm only a hobby barbecuer and I prefer the black ones.

  2. Eh, blue isn't necessarily standard... Once I found out black nitrile was an option for the same price? That's all I buy at the restaurant now (at least until the Covid flavored nitrile glove shortage).

  3. I have black bbq gloves...they are much thicker than the blue ones you might be thinking of. They are like a rubber boot, ha ha.

  4. the black ones out here are sold as mechanics gloves, and they are way tougher and more heat ersistant than the blue ones

  5. More than likely they are picking them up at the local car repair shop. At lot of backyard bbq guys don’t have access to Sysco or even Restaurant Depot.

  6. The first half is the flat, it’s the less fatty side of the brisket. The second half that he turns is the point, it’s the more fatty and imo the best half. The little bit he cut off the point are the burnt ends, which are the crown jewels of the brisket with a beautiful mix of rendered fat, bark, smoke and are bursting with flavor.

  7. The flat and point have different grain directions. Once he finished cutting the flat he turned it to cut the point across its grain. If you don't turn it and cut the point along the grain the slices are really chewy and boarding on unpalatable.

  8. Because a brisket has two sections, the point and the flat. the grain of the meat runs different in each and you always want to cut against the grain.

  9. Pork is usually a boston butt, will be rounder and less long. It's also almost always pulled, where beef brisket is almost always sliced.

  10. The brevity alone is worth the upvote. Don’t need a slo-mo or close-up to tell you nailed the cook. Great post 🍻

  11. That’s my family’s get-together meal. Side of greens and Mac and you’re basically there. Can’t wait til we can have gatherings safely again!

  12. Same. The first few seconds pulling off the orange paper until they started slicing, it looked like a long placenta. I’d rather eat a brisket even though I’m more of a pork eater, better than placenta.

  13. Brisket should be held hot (in a cambro, cooler, warming oven) since it has lots of connective tissue that needs to break down. Same with pork butt. But just about everything else you might as well eat hot (and sometimes resting can actually hurt).

  14. Ffuuu cxxxkkkkmk why is there some algorithm that puts yummy meat on my feed right before going to bed.

  15. Isn’t brisket supposed to be cut a certain direction with the grain so like half of that would be sliced wrong? Or am I just tripping

  16. He’s making me nervous with his left hand flat on the meat. Is that the proper way to slice a cut like this?

  17. van someone explain to me why all the bbq chefs use a serrated "bread" knife to cut with instead of a normal chefs knife?

  18. They are not serrated like bread knives. I believe the term is scalloped slicing knife. If you looking closely, the knife has divets but the actual blade is straight. You want a knife that is long to make a clean cut in one fluid motion. Slicing knives get it done in one movement where as bread knives are designed for a sawing action:)

  19. My heart had the same reaction to this video that it had in middle school when I'd pass my crush in the hallway.

  20. I hate how you Americans barbecue, 99% of the time the surface of the meat turns black so burnt, want some lessons on how to make good meat?

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