How long have you been single for?

  1. 34, six years for me. I'm a single mom so it seems guys either only see me as easy or they think because I have a kid, I'm drama. Despite me explaining several times that the other parent bailed more than 6 years ago, they still think I'm making it up somehow smh.

  2. My whole life. Don't anticipate that changing. Got asked on a date once from online dating. Got stood up and the person blocked me after.

  3. No never, I’m 27. At 22 I had one guy lovebomb me and I went out with him for 4-8 weeks but that’s it, it was about 4-8 weeks so not really a proper Boyfriend

  4. Same situation for me now I caught feelings and he wants to end it, it's crazy how they can spend that time with you and not catch feelings I think for me it's impossible

  5. 38, single for nearly a decade. After my break up I tried, really I did, but I had to finally accept that I’m not desirable enough for a man to want me and choose me over other options. I’m the sort of woman that a man will reluctantly settle for, quietly resentful that he can’t do any better for himself, but will ditch as soon as a better option comes along. Occasionally a man decided any hole is better than none and fucked me, but would never want anyone in his life to know, and never offered any kind of romantic or personal validation or security.

  6. I'm sorry it's hard when these feelings come along I feel that too like I'm just good for fun nothing more until they meet the one and they do.

  7. 22 years, I keep uninstalling/reinstalling dating apps in hopes that maybe this time I’ll meet someone that likes me but nope. I don’t even get matched with guys that only want hookups. Irl is a lot worse because people just fall into relationships while I haven’t even had a guy ever show interest in me :/

  8. 24 soon to be 25, honestly at this point I gave up. Kissless and never even held hands. If no one wanted anything after all this time, why would they want anything after.

  9. I never had my first kiss,and am still a virgin at 27. I don't even feel like a woman OR a human. Guys just aren't attracted to me. It hurts,but atleast I don't have to worry about getting cheated on. Me being heavy makes me even more undesirable. I want a baby,but a man would never want to get that close to me. It's hard to accept I will always be a virgin.

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