Why do men always feel they can do better?

  1. yeah, see this is what I'm scared of. The few guys who asked me out in college classes seemed desperate and socially awkward. And I feel like they were settling for me. Maybe I am just pessimistic, but my gut told me this was true.

  2. downvote me if I'm wrong. It seems like when some men move up in life, they want a woman that he actually wants. I find that sad because the woman who used her resources to build her boyfriend up is left in the dust. I hope the girlfriend finds a better boyfriend.

  3. yeah it reminds me of that movie wolf of wallstreet where the protagonist leaves his 'boring' brunette wife for a hot blonde the moment he gets wealthy lol

  4. This is not really FAW but I feel like this should be awake up call for women to never build up men in general. Men like to say that they would like if their SO's helped build them up but in reality they really don't because they'll then go gold diggers.

  5. The male ego should be recognised as the eighth wonder of the world. It's at least as impressive as the Taj Mahal, and only slightly less impressive than the Great Wall of China.

  6. Fomo is real and not only guys go through them. I have seen posts about men stating their partner (women) want open relationships or want to break up to see whats out there and come back.

  7. Lets be real.. he probably can do better. In a world where it is one of the most important things for women to do, get a man, men who are semi normal will always have tons of options. And unlike us... a lower value man can almost always get a high value woman.

  8. yeah, tinder, the ease of online dating, and sexual liberation has really destroyed long-term relationships and incentive for males to remain with one woman. I wish I was born in another time period lol (before social media)

  9. Really good points. However, I think men were pretty shitty even when women weren't sexually liberated though. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but I genuinely don't believe that most men are decent enough at their core to be in a relationship with. Even if they knew there wouldn't be a reward waiting for them the moment they break up, I think they'd still spend their time fantasizing about sleeping with every woman they meet. They actually admitted to this on an askmen post. In hundreds and hundreds of comments, I only found one man who said that these men were being creepy and that he doesn't do this. ONE. And god knows in what other areas that one man also acts shitty.

  10. This kind of stories always break my heart. The best thing that could happen to this girl is that they break up so she can find someone who appreciates her and doesn't end up leaving her once they enter their mid-life crisis. Because, let's be honest, if he's already thinking this and he's only 24 he'll only get worse.

  11. Ugh for fuck's sake, not another man who feels like he didn't fuck enough women when he was younger and still wishes he could live that life now. Men like him are why I've literally given up on romance. Not risking ending up with some useless human being who's only purpose in life is to fuck anything and everything. And you know what's super annoying? She's not even ugly. Just average. Like that's not enough apparently, she has to make other men seethe with envy at him or else he's going to cry the poor little manlet :(. Like does he think women are pokemons to collect? "Gotta catch all the hot ones and sleep with them or else my life isn't complete!" No amount of "I feel bad :( She's great! I can't stand making her cry 🥺" will ever get me to feel sorry for him or think he's a decent person. He just isn't. Decent people don't feel this way about their partners and then ask reddit so they can get advice on whether they should continue wasting their girlfriend's 20s and possibly even life just because other women won't sleep with him or if he should take a chance and try to fuck 100s of other women.

  12. I can’t believe what I’ve just read. His relationship is perfect, her personality better than what he imagined as his dream girl but it’s not enough because she’s average?

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