I’d sell my soul to have a real boyfriend

  1. i dont belief in manifesting things, i do believe in picturing your better self in your mind, having those feelings of confidence , beauty etc, how you walk and talk feeling sexy and positive. the more you picture youself like that you slowly become it over time. yeh you cant change cosmetically in some sense but you can still feel beautiful.

  2. Don't play like that. I know that you meant this in a metaphorical sense...But words can have power you know. And you may end up with someone making you an offer for that soul. And you know what happens with those deals...right?

  3. I talked about manifestation because it feels like it’s the only way I can accomplish something at this point… but yeah, i don’t know anybody it actually worked for

  4. Same I've wanted one since I was 17 turning 24 in a few months. I've been going on dates for the last year, I don't know how much money I've wasted in gas, Ubers, apps, psychics etc. I literally got a parking ticket on a date the other day for $70 just for the guy to not even text me back. But I'm going to keep trying and putting myself out there no matter what. I only need one person to say yes and take that next step with me.

  5. Nah. I ain’t selling my souls for it. It’s gotta happen for me for free. I’d be alone before I’d give my souls for a man. Especially, since he’s not even perfect to begin with.

  6. I’ve desired having a boyfriend since I was 11 and I was manifesting it from that time since (didn’t know what manifestation was until 2 years ago) but it never happened. I read so much about how you need to keep that desire in your head and act like you already have it. I’ve done all of that like every second of my day since I was 11. I would think about having a bf and having an imaginary one. I’d read about how people would manifest it for just a few weeks and suddenly they find themselves in a relationship. I’m certain now that even the universe can’t find someone that’ll like/love me lol. I’ve even found myself so desperate that I have been looking into how to cast a love spell in hopes of getting my shot at romance even if it’s a disingenuous one.

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