Monday confirmed that I am not good enough for anyone

  1. I get the "fade away" a lot - and all by women (I'm gay). Online dating just fucking sucks in general

  2. This is an experience of many women on dating apps, it does not mean you aren't good enough. Ive never had luck either. It's usually the first date they see me (I guess I look diff in person) and don't want another date aka ghost. Or they string me along for sex. I have never dated anyone from a dating app. Nor have i met someone I wanted to date. Alot of the people on there can't find luck irl. Yet the men are extensively picky.

  3. I have been going on dates for the last 2-3 years and none of the men want anything. This is the 2nd time in history I made it to the second date so I should be happy about that, I usually don't make it past the first. I just don't know what's so off putting that men don't want to give me a chance.

  4. Thank you for sharing you experience too, it makes me feel not as alone I guess (not really). I think being able to get relationships are the same thing as being born rich. Some people get lucky others don't.

  5. ya that's rough, it sounds a little like that guy probably just wanted to hook up though. Sense you want a real relationship you probably wouldn't mesh well with him anyways. I feel like that's how most men on those dating apps are, that's one of the reasons I stopped using them. Maybe something like

  6. If he truly didn't feel a connection then why bug me to go on a second date. I'm just wasting my own time money and gas at this point I already know I'm not Good enough so I'm done trying

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