Slowly losing my womanhood

  1. Yes, it is very depressing, like I haven’t had an interaction with a guy since April, which was the beginning of the year. I feel like a complete failure I’m my life, it seems easy for others to get a relationship or a guy to make the effort it got me I’ve never was a guy’s priority.


  3. I feel you, especially on that last part. I was doing so well last year, and would dress nicely and wear makeup and look cute. I felt prettier than I ever had in ages. But now, I realized there isn't much of a point for me to even try. It won't make a difference. I'm never going to be wanted. So lately I don't even bother to wear anything outside of a hoody and jeans. I don't have the energy to wear anything else. Like I know I have the option, but I know no one's going to care and it's a struggle to get out of bed everyday in the first place, so I might as well just look even more like a goblin and stop trying to look good

  4. i felt this!! one of my friends has already had sex and the other one has been going on a bunch of dates with a boy from her job. every time they tell me an update or anything i’m sure they feel excited to tell me, but shit; i wanna be on their level and tell them about a guy. it makes me feel like a stupid little baby, and i’m the oldest. the farthest i’ve gone with a guy is holding a boy’s hand in the 5th grade. never been on a date or anything. it’s getting old 💀

  5. I've never been on a date either. I think the closest I got was when an older boy was stalking me when I was in middle school and he asked me out after he had yelled at me and done other rude things. Now I feel like I wouldn't even know what to do if someone legit liked me, I wouldn't really believe it. People always seem to just want me to take advantage of me yknow? I always tried to be kind, it just feels like it's been a waste of time now. I'm so far behind in everything. I feel like I can never catch up and I have nobody to talk to about these things.

  6. This sounds familiar. I always thought I’d find someone by now. I got no attention from guys in high school, college, going to meet ups, etc. I can’t even get attention from guys in online games where I’m largely anonymous yet I know people who have no issues there either.

  7. I feel the same way and I’m 21. I already know this trend is going to continue by the time I’m 22 and I’m on one of the largest urban college campus. At some point, I’d say by the ages of 23-25, I’m going to say fuck it and just have fun and have sex. That is, if I can even get the chance to. Waiting for a relationship and the right person isn’t working for me. I’d need to have options and date in order for that to become a reality. Like you, I’m getting no signs of attraction from men at all and I hate my life right now. I also feel cursed, especially when I see instances of women who aren’t beauty queens in relationships and desired. I wish there was a way out for us both. Going through life without ever being loved and desired by a man you’re in love with is the saddest thing.

  8. Feels like I could’ve written this. I also felt like things would change for me in college (well I had my doubts but a small part of me was optimistic). But of course it was the same old story. All those guys in one place and not one was interested… yikes. It’s definitely a weird and confusing feeling.

  9. Thank you for the response! It really is a weird feeling not being able to have that classic college experience that people talk about.

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