12900K experiment in FormD T1 with AXP90 Full Copper and 3090FE - it's working with 110W PL

  1. Hey dude great post! I’m gonna build a T1 with the same CPU cooler but AMD. I’m curious why is your GPU so undervolted? Are temps that high? Or unlucky bin?

  2. I have the setup for that but tried another config. Aquanaut, 240er xspc triple Fan on that. The main advantage here is that you get out more gpu Heat. Overall noise seems better than under water….

  3. I wanted to test how would work a 12900K in my build and got the chance to grab one relatively cheap. The build was done before with a 12700. Why the change? Expected better binning and thermals with slightly better performance...

  4. Man, i feel so dumb but I cannot find the PL1 and PL2 settings in the BIOS that everyone seems to use to tame their 12900k. I have same mobo/CPU but using Noctua L12 and would love to have it operate at a normal speed. Mind posting exact bios settings please? Even pics would save my bacon.

  5. My sleepy just waking up before coffee brain thought your pic was of a stove first... I was like wtf is a stove doing in this sub?

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