Your Standard FormD T1 Build

  1. Great build. Check my build for improving thermals. Also tweak your CPU to cool down via Bios settings until you didn't have done this. The TVB Boost +2 wil increase the the temp as you now have - try fixed multi 4,9 and lower your load line settings.

  2. Wouldn't that technically result in lower single core performance via an all-core 4.9 clock (vs. the 5.2ghz via TVB)? I will definitely take a look at the load line settings though and probably move that to LLC2 or LLC3 if I can push it.

  3. Nice build. Are you using motherboard's system fan input for the GPU fans? I tried this method with my Asus Dual RTX3070 OC but I didn't like how the fan speed was not bound to the GPU

  4. Yes! It actually works out since the GPU heats up the system anyways, and as such, the fan speeds ramp up because of it. The GPU doesn’t ever get hot enough even under full load to be a problem, and the fan speeds scale to keep the CPU cooler.

  5. you are missing a slim side fan facing the mobo and replacing the a12x25 for a 12x15. Barely no exhaust airflow with that amount of stuff crammed in there. I guess a corsair aio at 80% pump speed would also help cpu over the 50% phanteks

  6. The slim side fan on the mobo side might be manageable, but it’s already pretty tight in there. I won’t be able to fit a a12x25 over the a12x15, it definitely won’t fit on my end at all.

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