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  1. Yes. It's an optional accessory for v2. v1.1 power buttons will fit into v2.0, but v1.0 power buttons will not.

  2. That question has been asked a ton, and has never been answered, and probably never will. Things like that companies like to keep secret.

  3. Apologies if this has been asked already, but I was just wondering when the Formd T1 v2.0 Titanium SW is likely to be shipped now? Has there been any further developments I've missed such as the QC of the ALU mesh panels? How delayed is the Titanium SW now? Many Thanks in advance for any info. Cheers

  4. The only delay announced so far was for the first batch. If you are not in the first batch (titanium was not in the first batch at all) then the date given when you ordered is still the planned ship date.

  5. 140mm is the maximum height before the GPU hits the top panel. However, waterblock for GPUs aren't measured in the same way that GPUs are. So if you get a block that is 140mm tall, it will not fit. You should go with a reference type card if you intend to watercool the GPU. But it seems you figured that part out at the bottom.

  6. What's the update on the orders that are to be shipped by the end of this month? I read somewhere that we would know if it shipped when our transaction was processed, but mine got processed late April. So I'm kinda curious

  7. I think ELSA GeForce RTX 3060 S.A.C is an excellent design and I want to use it, but the size is 246 x 115mm, is 5mm difference critical?

  8. I can't seem to find any reviews for the FormD T1 v2. I heard it has three versions? Is it out yet? Where can I read more about it? I can't understand their reddit updates well, bec I am not following the development of the case from the beginning so I don't have much context.

  9. I'm currently eyeing the powercolor RX 6800 red dragon, and I have a question regarding compatibility with V2. Do you reckon the backplate will cause fitting issue?

  10. I think it will be fine, as long as you dont have an m.2 drive on the back of your motherboard that has a heatsink.

  11. I ordered a V2 reference, and was just wondering if there is a timeframe for after shipments of when we can order the type C front IO for them?

  12. You won’t be able to fit two 25mm fans with a TX240 slim radiator (unless you get creative with shaving the fans down to fit or adding a 3D printed top hat), the ASUS Strix 3080 and similarly long cards won’t fit without deshrouding if at all, and dual radiator setups you might see in V2.0 will be more difficult in V1.1.

  13. Which height or how much Place for cables is in the stand for the V2?If I understood it right all IC Orders can order the stand afterwards. But how is the process to this? Just an email with the code for doing the orders?

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