Air cooled FormD T1 V2 + Travel Bag

  1. Hey, I just looked up that travel bag and it seems to have foam dividers, I’m assuming you took them out but I just wanted to confirm if you took them out to put the PC in?

  2. Thanks! Those are steel panels. I like magnetic properties of steel. I have a magnetic Xbox controller holder that I attach near the power supply intake.

  3. Quick questio. Can you fit a Xbox one controller without it being too snug in the mouse/cables compartment? It looks like you can but I don't want a ton of weight on the joysticks.

  4. Great build! I'm wanting to buy the same things and would just like to ask how much it weight's carrying it around. Thanks :)

  5. i’m not him, but it’s quite literally the best low-profile keeb on the market for now, so yeah, nuphy is pretty good. not perfect, especially when it comes to sound, but there’s nothing that would be better

  6. It's a really nice keyboard! I'm a weirdo so I went for the blue switches. I recently replaced them for browns because it was too noisy for late night gaming and those switches are on point! I'm no keyboard expert nor geek enough in the matter but It's my favorite. I have owned the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition, the Hyper X Alloy Origins 60, the ROG Falchion Wireless 65 Cherry MX Red and the Vissles LP85 but the NuPhy is definitely the best.

  7. It does not. I usually carry the screen in a 17” laptop sleeve. For longer trips I carry the screen in a 17” laptop backpack along with my clothes.

  8. Awesome build, I have also done something similar with an Ncase M1, same monitor.. but I have a watercooled system and used the Nanuk 935 suitcase. I have to admit, its too much of a hassle for me since airlines are very strict and its a hit or miss with taking it on the plane. The problem is, its on the heavier side.

  9. from what i found the stock cooler on the AXP outperforms any other for some surprising reason by a few degree in so,e review awhile back

  10. Thank you for sharing! :) Will you be replacing your 3900x with a 5900x soon? Curious about the thermals. I am planning on that cpu for either the T1 or the Dan A4 case. Will you use an AIO then?

  11. May I ask what specs you got please? Do you have an AIO? I am debating between FormD T1V2 and the Dan A4 case. Both seem great but the T1 is smaller. I am planning on putting in a 5900x and a 3080Ti in there. Can you share your thermals too??

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