I honestly don’t get the hate. I think it looks really cool!

  1. my main problem with is him is his pickaxe and that only he can use it also epic really missed a huge opportunity for him as he could turned all weapons he touched into chrome

  2. You don't need to understand the hate. People like it, others don't, and that's that. We cannot and shouldn't all share the same opinion about everything.

  3. And why is he wearing an NBA regulation facemask? Its just too busy and gives way too many Tik Tok/Souncloud vibes

  4. I love his set, it’s just disappointing. His glider should’ve been wings instead of a normal one. It looks so much like wings that multiple YouTubers have said oh we have wings in the bp. And the pickaxe is amazing but it’s locked to only him. I’m hoping they change that. He looks really bad without a jacket imo but good overall

  5. Yeah I agree I wasn’t too sure when I saw the skin in the survey either. This hairstyle is what turned it around for me and I think your rating is pretty good.

  6. i dont understand why the fortnite youth at large started caring about proportions now after using some of the god awful ugliest skins because of streamers.. well i do understand why and its annoying. its a great skin and everyone is just pissy

  7. they like their simple default, lackluster, white woman base skins, if you havent noticed. so i dont really trust the fanbase on these opinions lmfao

  8. Eh they'll probably make some kind of chrome foils anyways, so chances are most of the skins will have some sort of chrome style for them. He is the only actually chrome themed skin tbf though which is a little sad

  9. He's legit my favorite original skin in the pass. I just love leaner skins. Also dig his hair, outfit and shoes. But I understand why he's not super popular, just based on his design.

  10. Yeah I like thinner skins too. I can agree the style is not for everyone but that’s the case with everything we have our own opinions.

  11. This Reddit thinks Stormfarer was a great skin and Icon emotes are the devil. There's a reason why this subreddit is the minority opinion of the overall Fortnite community

  12. it's just annoying that his emote and harvesting tool is locked behind him. If you don't like the skin but you like the harvesting tool.. too bad.

  13. Admittedly, sometimes the concept art doesn’t do the characters justice. Byte’s wasn’t great, but he looks so much better in game.

  14. Idk, his base style looks like an ugly villain, but that mask & jacket make him look way better, I actually think it looks kinda cool now too

  15. Yeah this edit style is my favourite one for sure. I hope he gets a more chromed out design in the super styles 🤞

  16. Same exact styles I'm using for him, I love this skin honestly, in my opinion it's the best skin in the battlepass.

  17. I agree! I personally really like Bytes, and I don’t mind the legs. Some people are just built like that. I also like having a POC in the pass, I find that cool :)

  18. Yeah I agree and he looks pretty young so that might be part of the reason too. But yeah there are people built like that and there are also loads of famous tv characters with legs like that too.

  19. I like how they play a bit with the shilouette of the new characters. The colours are a bit meh but otherwise he looks cool!

  20. The hate is because he was among the worst skins in the survey and they still went with him instead of some of the better skins. It's probably not so much that he looks bad but more so that they could have picked one of the skins most people wanted

  21. [looks at karma] It's because he's black, an original character, and androgynous. The textures are great, there are loads of details on his clothes, and he's in one of the first BP pages instead of a higher tier (not like I really care, I max it out no matter what). But I've noticed that doesn't matter to a lot of players.

  22. Came to say this, he's the only skin remotely close to Halloween themed. Weird and twisted on purpose with "hollow" right on his chest.

  23. I just think the mask is a little strange. The pose is weird, but it’s exactly the one I have when there something on my hands I don’t really want there and am waiting to wash them in the sink!

  24. The hate is definitely the skin and not the harvesting tool. The hate was there in the surveys, hate was there during the leaks and it’s even more since the season started. Look through any posts about the skin to find that out

  25. I don't know how to say I find it suspicious that the only non binary black person skin is the one getting the most hate without getting downvoted into oblivion but it's in my mind

  26. I think the problem with lies in his alternate styles. Specifically the ugly ass yellow and really bad hair. The way you’re using him is probably the best way

  27. Yeah imo its good too. I think ppl just want to find a bp skin to hate every season, they are never satisfied

  28. I don’t mind the skins this season at all. Way better than last season where the only one I cared about was the Storm Farer. I actually dig this new season a lot more than recent ones, for what it’s worth.

  29. He looks like a mix between a guy surviving the appocalypse and a misunderstood movie villain who got powers he never wanted. I sort of like the vibe he is giving off.

  30. i didn’t like it when i first scrolled through the bp, but i unlocked him and equipped him by accident and realized he’s pretty cool.

  31. Yeah same I wasn't expecting to like it until I got it but yeah I'm not a fan of the green style either but that's just my opinion. I like darker themed skins in general.

  32. I like him, just wish his sweater jacket wasn’t so long. And maybe he wasn’t so pale, looks cold and dead but it’s a cool skin nonetheless.

  33. Awesome skin at first i thought it was a skirt but then realised what it was the variant with the jacket goes hard

  34. Sameeeee! I honestly do really like this skin! I’m just sad, that he doesn’t have something like Midas, that everything he touches turns chrome. It’s an missed opp from epic, but the skin is fire tbh

  35. Oh I actually like that so it never crossed my mind but yeah I agree it would have been a good option to have.

  36. I'm still on the fence about the BP skins, but i don't think it's hate as much as the skins are getting far away from what some of us have grown to like that are more traditional FN skins like jules or Eternal knight and midas.Its just my opinion

  37. Jules and Midas are really good but I love this one too. This one's more for people who are into steampunk and gothic style designs but I respect your opinion.

  38. The majority hate because he is a black person. If some one were to white wash his skin ppl would be swooning over him.

  39. I think he gets hate because he has one of the coolest harvesting tools exclusive to him, so it's not exactly that people hate him but frustrated that he has something they want but can't exactly use.

  40. The color of his skin seams very wierd. Not because hes a darkskin(im not racist) but his skin is more gray than flesh or brown

  41. I agree. Grriz is the worst part of the pass IMO. I do dislike the pickaxe for being built in, and I wish that the glider was like the batman zero wing

  42. I think he looks cool too. I’m hoping his super styles are interesting. People are complaining too much about him being skinny. Skinny people like this are pretty common.

  43. I love this Battlepass and this skin makes me feel represented as a light skin person of color with natural blonde hair that also happens to be an edgy SoundCloud rapper 💪🏼 dgaf about y'all hating

  44. I think he looks cool too 👍 at least we will be able to enjoy his locked cosmetics (don't agree with it being locked though)

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