In a UK newspaper 2 days ago: “A Frasier reboot is in the works with Paramount+ but it's yet to be confirmed if Trevor will return to his role as Frederick. However, the actor did retweet a plea by a fan for him to reprise the role in the new version of the show.”

  1. Stopppp it! Justin polznick from The Office was played by Frederick?! 🤩🤩 He was wonderful in that episode! “You didn’t want me then…” Is this when Michael tells him he has classy janitor potential?

  2. Justin is the ugly girl in the movie who takes off her glasses, and you realize she's hot. And you realize she's always been hot, and YOU were the blind one.... he's the most important thing in my life right now.

  3. Watching the Friends reunion made me realize that I don’t want this reboot either. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the Friends reunion, but watching them all together made me realize how much time has passed and that it would have been sad to watch them reprise their characters in a reboot.

  4. All these reboots are 8 episodes and need to have some groundbreaking universe shaken up premise for no reason. Then everyone is disappointed.

  5. Nope, you’re not alone. I get downvoted to hell every time I say so but last we knew, Grammer was the only one of the main cast who signed on and DHP said specifically that he wouldn’t do it. I’m not interested in “the Kelsey Grammer with new supporting characters” show.

  6. If they stay true to the character it could be good. I do certainly understand concern because most reboots are not good, but Cobra Kai nailed it, so it CAN be done.

  7. Perhaps you're right but remember Frasier was a spin off and look how well that turned out. Reboot/revival/spin-offs doesn't definitely have to mean garbage.

  8. You don’t want old Kelsey Grammar coming back to a role because he got bilked out of money in a divorce? You don’t think the current state of the work will play as well with a super elite yuppie complaining about the most trivial of problems? Im sure it will be fine..

  9. Count me into this group. I feel like it’s been years of almosts, but it’s all Kelsey and no one else on board. It’s like he’s been shopping the idea through the media and it’s a disservice to the original show and fans.

  10. No I don’t want it either. It feels like shows just don’t know how to write anymore, let alone bringing back an old character or franchise. I’ve heard poor things about Picard though can’t speak to that one myself, the new Star Wars movies handled the old heroes HORRIBLY, Dexter New Blood was a travesty of writing that had such a rushed an illogical conclusion it was worst that the original extremely maligned ending nearly a decade ago, Arrested Development’s revival on Netflix was terribly done and completely unfunny.

  11. I’m with you. As much as I’d love to see them together again, not having Marty around would be too painful. Also, it’s been too long. I rather keep my old memories of Frasier, rather than risking it getting tarnished by a not up to par reboot. Edit: nice username by the way lol

  12. Same. They will ruin the whole show if they reboot. Fraizer was good for the time and thats where it needs to be and stay.

  13. I don't want it either. I don't understand the need to ruin something by trying to bring it back.

  14. The main issue with a reboot is that NOTHING CHANGES - like honestly who has the same couch from 30 years ago?! They tug at the heart strings and hope it’s enough to keep going. I like Kelsey’s idea of being another chapter just as frasier was to cheers so will be this new incarnation to frasier. New cast new sets and a few throw backs with the same tone and pace but updated to match today’s lifestyle

  15. Kelsey Grammer was on a radio show I listened to and he said they were toying with ideas about the show. He said that maybe Frasier is now living with Frederick but Frederick is a sports fan like Martin was so the tables have turned. That could be funny but in this day and age of reboots, who really knows? They’re usually a let down.

  16. That is so weird. I saw Glass recently and thought, the son looks like the kid in Gladiator (2000). So I checked on IMDB and it was him. And then saw he was in Unbreakable too (2000), which I had mostly forgot!

  17. I loved that too. I'd recently seen him in Agents of Shield so I was hoping he'd return for Glass. Sometimes child actors end up retiring but I was glad to see him still acting and that he came back

  18. If David Hyde Pierce isn't involved in this thing they need to pull the cord IMMEDIATELY. Did Hollywood learn nothing from the abysmal nonsense that was the Arrested Development reboot?

  19. I would like to see a new Frasier show! We sure could use some quality comedy right now. My preference would be to have Frasier mostly involved in a new life with new characters… with the exception of Frederik played by Trevor. I would like him and his family / partner / spouse .. or single .. along with Frasier’s new circle of work colleagues romantic liaisons , etc. I think it would be best for Niles, Daphne, Roz , etc to just do guest appearances. Bebe might be an exception… maybe have her semi-regular! I think involving too many cast members from the previous show , is what would make it feel like a reboot … with accompanying expectations it be the 90s show. Bob Newhart had many successes re-inventing himself in comedies ( yet mostly it was the same Bob.. lol)

  20. What about an older Frasier recounting his youthful adventures after leaving Seattle to modern Frederick. Taking 8 or more seasons to explain all about how he met his stepmother with the final scene

  21. Interesting my thoughts exactly. Mixing new characters with old favorites would be great. We’ve watched Frasier all seasons and episodes many times. We love it an never stop laughing BTW we no longer watch the news. Frasier staff and writers do a great job as well as the main actors. A total reboot seems unnecessary just bring us some new laughs from our old friends.

  22. That's awesome. I was also talking with an England based chat group. It's funny how it's the polar opposites between us and them. They love and support the American characters and cringe at the English ones (Daphne, Simon, Gert)

  23. What if Frasier took on the Martin "dad" type role and Freddie took on the Frasier "caregiver son" role and it was an exploration of Frasier in the new modern world trying to figure things out?

  24. I'd like to see what the reboot does, I've said before that I want only the original series characters to have guest appearances, of course Frasier would definitely be set in a new city, there would definitely be more diverse characters than the original series.

  25. If it's true that the series is going to center around Frasier and Freddie in a future where Freddie has turned out more like Martin than dad--and it is ALSO true that DHP isn't coming back to the reboot series, they absolutely should not cast the same actor.

  26. A reboot can't possibly be the same show. It's going to be very, very different because times have changed and any new show has to reflect that.

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