Just paid a lot for a new smile and could use some encouragement because it still feels so weird to smile even semi wide. Thanks

  1. Thank you I know I’m still learning how to smile again. I haven’t smiled and showed my teeth fully in years. It’s so bizarre now I forgot how to give a decent sized smile.

  2. I honestly don’t think there’s many where you can even see them in any of my other pictures. They weren’t that bad just stained and they would’ve have gotten much worse as time went on. I wanted to get them done now so I wouldn’t be wearing dentures at 45

  3. Let your light shine!! You have a lot of good things going for you. Take full advantage of your good fortune, and pass your happiness on to the next !!

  4. Thank you. This was the best and nicest thing I’ve ever felt online. This community is by far the nicest group alive.

  5. It makes a big difference. The mental health aspect has already improved so much for me. I haven’t smiled in yearssss

  6. Be proud of that man. I can't wait for the day I can afford my wife new teeth she was in a car crash and cracked all her top fronts. Suck because I know how self conscious she is but they want like 40 grand for implants and I'm just not that loaded wish I was for her sake.

  7. Ugh i know man. Soon, im lucky to be in Boston and 20 minutes away from tufts dental school, where they work with you financially way more. If it’s possible, check for the implant bridges where they put only a few posts in and use them for full mouth implants. I know it’s still expensive, but it’s probably cheaper than individuals.

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