18F what's my best feature?

  1. I really like your hair. After that I think it could be your eyes. Overall you have a very pretty face so it's hard to pick just one thing

  2. Oddly enough I’m just drawn to your eyes you seem like a pretty chill and nice person your eyes just feel sincere and very beautiful in your own unique way but anyways hope you have a nice day 😇

  3. I think you have a lot going on. Your hair is beautiful your eyes are great, you have a very pretty face.

  4. Your best feature? So I only get to pick one? Wow that's hard. You have a lot of beautiful features. Yet alone your cute face... So I would say your nice big brown eyes but your full lips are also really good. In addition to that your curly hair is damn nice. I really can't decide.

  5. Truthfully anyone of your features could be best, because they're all great. I do think your nose is particularly adorable and you have very kind eyes.

  6. Your face is perfectly constructed. Soft features where you want soft features, definition where you want definition. One of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in quite a while.

  7. Isn’t it rude and blatantly self absorbed that ‘MixedQueen’ can go fishing for compliments on her best feature … but can’t be bothered to upvote or thank the majority of well wishers?

  8. You are a beautiful woman your eyes to me are pretty. Though your best features are what you have in your mind and your soul.

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