She took my ego when she walked away, so pls be true but nice with me

  1. It took me a long time to heal I'm not gonna lie. At times it seems impossible but one day you will look back on this and you won't recognise who you are now. It will seem a whole different life and person.

  2. It just gives you a guideline for what you want and don’t want in a partner — deep breath. There is no other option but to grow and move forward. Always onward and upward, dear!

  3. You got this. Each door closing from pain means another door of opportunity opening right up. It gets better. 💖

  4. Oh hell no, you can’t let a girl do you like that. Do what every guy does after a breakup - work hard, hit the gym and go out and have fun. Life is too short to let somebody else control your emotions. Go find something new. You got this bro 💪🏻

  5. Take all the time you need to bounce back. From your replies it seems you have a strong set of wonderful attributes. (Grounded, not superficial, encouraging and supporting others, ability to acknowledge pain and still staying hopeful! Quality traits. And you’re handsome. You’ll be alright you’re golden x

  6. Don’t let her insecurities destroy your ego. You look like a nice guy and you have a genuine smile. Keep it up!

  7. Hey man keep your chin up ,though i suppose it already is. My girlfriend of 3 1/2 years just left me and is already messing around with other dudes . We will get through this ! With a smile like that I’m sure you will bounce back in no time !

  8. Don’t worry about losing your ego. That’s a good thing. Confidence is what you need and I know yours will continue to grow. You’re a good looking dude but that means nothing if you have an evil heart. Shine light towards others wherever you go and you will shine and the confidence will shine too.

  9. I feel your exact pain, 7 months gone by and I’m a way better man because of it. My advice upgrade everything in your life. Fall in love with your self it’s worth the fight my brethren

  10. You look good looking and warm hearted, I Hope you can learn to love yourself again soon and see yourself how others see you

  11. Bro looks like the chad meme if it a more common person, also can you touch your knuckles to your shoulder? Got big muscles bro

  12. Bro, as your name says, you are a lion. It’s hard for me to find the right words, because I’m in trouble by myself but @ all the ppl, help him pls !

  13. Well brother the best way I can say it is think of it as a blessing. Move forward and I bet you'll find someone even better.

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