Racist Karen left a second note on my dad's car, the first one was her being mad at us for being mexican.. we're not btw..

  1. 100%. She wants to be bold, then she can be bold. Id have that shit posted in laminate on every lamp post. Put it in next door. Send it to your local news channel and tell them you want to interview about racism against natives in the modern day. Someone in that neighborhood knows exactly who wrote that. It wont stay quiet long. Youll have her identity in a week tops. Inform the school if yourw kids Attend the same one. Bring that letter to the teachers, to the principal. Let them know another students parent is harrassing your family. If the kids have any of the of the vitriol of the parents they will have a trail to point to if your daughter is targeted. Host a big neighborhood bbq and the theme is cultural diversity ans community - and bar that one family. Make it known why. Racist people have all kinds of hoods they use and they only scatter when we take them off.

  2. Wt actual f?!?!?! I would report those letters to the police just so there is a clear history of this neighbor's racial harassment. Then, post no trespassing signs in your yard and set up cameras. Then, the next time she "delivers" one of these letters or does anything at all on your property, have her arrested for trespassing.

  3. I've heard people complain that people from other countries get tax breaks to start a business in the US. I think she may be combining "Indian" with "Native American." She may actually believe we have a bunch of reservations full of people from India.

  4. She said where, the reservation! That's their homeland, right? And only the tiny patch of land the government gave them, no where else. (/s)

  5. It never fails. When a person feels that they have to inform you that they're not a racist that they are indeed a racist.

  6. Yeah my neighbor recently claimed to not be racist and then immediately followed that statement up with a “but” and then the n-word in her next sentence. AND she has a bi-racial grandchild.

  7. When we were living in the US, a final boss Karen at my dad’s job told some of his colleagues that he shouldn’t have his job because he wasn’t even American (he had a green card, he was legally employed). She countered the following accusation of xenophobia with “I’m not xenophobic!”

  8. The interesting thing is that anyone feels the need in America in 2022 to say 'I'm not a racist....' This is the year of saying the quiet bit out loud.

  9. John Oliver had a bit on Last Week where he talks about how it’s basically impossible to not have the words following “I’m not racist but…” come off as not racist.

  10. I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally. I'm very egalitarian with my disdain of all peoples, myself included.

  11. I'm not racist, but I really think that full-size mechanical keyboards are superior to those 60% ones; I simply cannot do without function keys or the number pad.

  12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but does this classify as hate-speach, stalking, and harassment? ...and if all of that is true, does this count as a hate-crime?

  13. A woman in Seattle was harassing her Asian neighbor and was made to sell her house and move. She had to pay her $50K or so too.

  14. Her harassment has escalated way beyond nasty notes, but yes, there is precedent for this kind of thing to be taken very fucking seriously

  15. OP you should be concerned. She is asking around and talking about your family if she had to be "informed" you weren't Mexican. She is a Karen, but this letter can also be seen as a warning, she could escalate to hate crimes. Inform police to at least have someone be aware in case stuff does start happening to you. Get outside cameras that cover entryways and cars if you leave them outside. Don't take a chance. If this past year has shown anything, it is that people are no longer fearful to do terrible things.

  16. Yeah, agreed. Especially her “it would be best for your family’s wellbeing” statements. Wtf is that supposed to even mean?

  17. 100%. I would love to believe this is fake because of how awful it is but I've met people IRL that have said similar things and they're never the kind of people to move on with their day and forget about the perceived "threat". I really, really hope OP follows through with safety precautions - companies like Simplisafe offer security monitoring inside/outside the home for around $30/month, doorbell cams are a great tool to see who is at the door before it's answered, shoot even hanging a "this property is monitored by camera" sign in a visible spot on the property can help but I wouldn't let this go.

  18. That's harrassment. You can get a security camera for super cheap on Amazon. Sucks you'd even have to get one in the first place but you can get them on camera to have evidence against them if things escalate.

  19. Also the "inappropriate" clothing she's referring to is a tank top and shorts. And her son is like 14 or something, it's weird to me that she rather tell her son that I'm the wrong color instead of telling him I'm out of his age range🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Man as much as the cops are generally fucking useless, I would report this so you have a record of her fucking with you, because there's a zero percent chance this will be the last of her. If she gets too wild you want to be able to go back on record and say "no no no, this is how this started." Also, security cameras. Cover the cars too. Don't fuck around with crazy.

  21. can i just ask.... when she refers to you guys as "indian".... are you native americans or are you from india? coz it would be hilarious if she heard you were indian (again from india) and told ya to go to a native american reservation.

  22. hmmm, assuming you are Native American, but was this land YOURS before it was discovered and taken from you? 2022 and people have been empowered to say this shit out loud. Maybe it's better so you have some sense of who is who.

  23. "You are not welcome here go back to where you came from " is hate speech and "go back to the reservation or this may not end well for you" is a thinly-veiled threat. I guess I agree with your dad that there is nothing the cops can do YET, but keep everything on file because she's eventually going to say something that is a real threat and you'll want to have all the history so that they realize you've been patient in the past but have had enough. And proof that she's getting crazier and more threatening as time goes on.

  24. You should get a red pen and mark up all her spelling, ethnic and grammatical errors. Send it back to her and include a world map showing her that India is not in North America by circling India and adding a “we are here” star on your state. Tell her you’ll make a pact that you’ll both go back to your roots. You’ll return to the land your tribe descended from (make sure you circle North America), as long as she returns to her native country in Europe.

  25. Get a police report filed, it will make it far easier to get anything done legally if its all documented. If they trespass, vandalize, or assault you guys, it'll be a good thing to have in your back pocket.

  26. People are telling you to post this on NextDoor. Forget that, go old fashion. Write on the bottom that this was left at your house, make a hundred coppies at kinkos for like 2 bucks and put them at every house, in every mailbox in like a mile radius. Shame is a POWERFULL deterent to these people

  27. Wow as a Native American myself, if I had received this note I'd actually would have contacted authorities on a non-emergency line to let them know that the letter is implying intimidation that they don't want us around. That definitely does not fly with me one bit and I'd make their lives very uneasy without crossing any lines by simply being myself. Their ignorant assholes can go suck a fat one, and just for good measure I'll let that kid know he's welcome to visit if he wants to learn more about my culture.

  28. It’s called harassment, unfortunately you have to prove that it’s a particular neighbor. If you were to record her putting stuff on your car or in your mailbox then call the police and they can react appropriately. What you can do in the meantime is call the police and ask them to document what has been happening so that if something serious happens in the future there will be documentation of a previous incident. In some cities they call this an “incident report”, and it’s different from a regular police report. From one Native American to another, tell her I said the whole damn country was our neighborhood and if anyone needs to leave it’s her!

  29. Today it's a "politely-worded" (/s) letter, tomorrow it's your property being damaged, pets being poisoned...

  30. People like that don’t appear dangerous at first. But then they get too bold. Racism and low intelligence go hand in hand. Please be careful out there.

  31. IMHO if you think you are safe to; a police report and/or restraining order will establish a paper trail if they escalate, or work the rumor mill/ gossip to motivate someone else to escalate. ( if things escalate, prior police reports make “hey this whacked out person broke our windows/ tore up our garden/ spray painted our car…" not look just like wild accusation, or just malicious mischief rather than escalating from threats and harassment.)

  32. You should report it, even if it's just informational it'll be additional documentation if this person's actions cross the line into harassment, which imo they already have.

  33. Someone mentioned posting this on your "NextDoor app". You should. If you have HOA and they have some sort of dashboard, put it there too. I have some experience neighbors like this. The best thing to do is expose them to the neighborhood. It stops anything they will try to say to the neighbors in the future before they get the chance. The neighbors will know who they are dealing with as well. Also, if they decide to start calling the police for BS in the future, you have this and the other neighbors to back you.

  34. The notion of a racist, probably white lady trying to “educate” Native Americans about immigrants is so fucking rich it wears two monocles.

  35. Wait, are you Indian as in Native American or India Indian? Not that it matters, but I think it would be hysterical if you were an India Indian and she just assumes you’re Native. Also I can’t believe she thinks that Natives on non-reservations don’t pay taxes.

  36. I was thinking the same. This bitch is horrible, and I think dumb enough to mix Indian with native American (or whatever country the op is from).

  37. You be surprised how many people think we all don’t pay taxes. Over the years I’ve had multiple co workers ask me how much more I get paid since I don’t pay taxes. Like bruh I get taxed the exact same rate as you do.

  38. Type out a bunch of biblical quotes about loving thy neighbor and the importance of being inclusive. Since she only speaks through the lens of Christianity at least you can give it back to her in her own language.

  39. People like that don't give a shit about the bible, they just pick and choose random shit to interpret to further their fucked up goals. They're crazies hiding behind the mask of christianity, and they only care about sin when it can be used as a weapon to hate, not when it can guide them to be better people.

  40. As a Christian, I would like to list interracial couples presented in the Bible, as to show that, no, interracial relations are not forbidden :

  41. "This is not your place. you are not welcome in this neighborhood. I kindly suggest, with the best of intentions, that you consider moving back to a place where you really belong, the 1800s."

  42. holy fucking shit dude that lady is nuts. please listen to the other comments here about the camera and the nextdoor app posting and reporting it. call the non-emergency line and just get it on record. As someone else said, i don’t think this will be the last of it and this lady needs to be nipped in the bud before it escalates. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this ignorant dumbass, but it’s time to cover your ass.

  43. This letter is borderline hate crime. If you gotta say “I’m not racist” your prolly fucking racist lol.

  44. Holy shit. They should be glad they even have the AUDACITY to breathe the same fucking air you do. 😒 First nations and they have the gall. Ooooooo. I hope for their sake if they pull anything stupid that they realise that actions have consequences. They are openly threatening you.

  45. First Nations? lol im still kinda hoping OP is actually from india and this karen is too dumb to realise that theres a difference between indians and native americans

  46. How can someone be so racist that they forget that the ground they are walking on isn’t inherently theirs in so many ways

  47. The "go back to where you came from" is such an irony, as NATIVE American came from, guess what, America. While Karen herself must've came from Europe

  48. Love how these stains in the armpits of humanity are always such cowards. I can picture them sitting there at the keyboard all fired up busting out their error riddled anonymous letters that they sneak over to drop off in the middle of the night. So brave Karen, so brave…

  49. Poor kid tho. Trying to be a kid with his friends and his mom goes behind his back and harasses the family.

  50. I would make a police report, and every time she does it again, report it again. This is more than harassment, because she is making this about your ethnicity, it could be considered a hate crime too.

  51. That last line, talking about your well-being, sure sounds like a veiled threat to me. Time to have a chat with the police and have them find out who that racist piece of trash is, and let them know how close they are to having some freedom taken away.

  52. I'm an enrolled tribal member and I pay taxes and so do all my family who live on the rez. Where did this idea come from?

  53. Can we crowdfund the printing of a 10+ ft banner of this to hang in response? Highlight this neighbors disgusting “letter”. Especially the veiled threats. Make major news to speak out against this type of behavior.

  54. I’m actually amazed how far I had to scroll to see someone say this lol! When was the last time you decided to type out a full format letter to print out and place on a windshield? OP also happens to be the “cute” 14yo girl. Which is also the only compliment of any sort mentioned in the letter…

  55. It feels fake. First of all, the paper itself looks way too neat. I feel like it would have a few more creases/folds/wrinkles or whatever if it was left on OP’s dad’s car.

  56. Wtf has happen to us ..humans..have devoled into moronizees .. i better start giveing bannas to monkies so i a look nore favorabily to our soon to monkie overlords

  57. Take copies of the letters to her pastor. Let him know that you are sure he will handle the situation appropriately before she causes any further embarrassment to the congregation, her family or herself, or before she escalates and you no longer find her racism amusing.

  58. Oh!!! You have to post this on Craigslist in your town. And nextdoor.com in your town!!! Make copies and place at every door in your neighborhood, with a note that reads as your comment does!!! Also call the police!!! This is hate speech!!! F this neighbor!!! Do not let them get away with this!!!

  59. Straight to the police. Don’t bother with any other alternative. I do not believe the police are useful in most circumstances, but this woman literally gave this to you in writing. If anything more serious comes up there will be a logged history that will get you the benefit of the doubt.

  60. Response with a super stereotypical letter. Or go a step further and dress in a stereotypical way, knock in her door and say dumb shit like "big eagle in sky say you left piece of dead tree on iron horse etc erc perhaps you lost" it pretend you can't read or something like just have fun with it.

  61. The icing on the cake would be a third note saying she's really really not racist and confused indians with native Americans... And then politely ask you to go back to India

  62. I don’t believe this bullshit for one goddamn second and neither should any of you. Reddit is notorious for creating attention seeking karmawhores who get off on fake internet validation e.g. the creator of this post. Don’t get mad, don’t get angry, laugh at this ridiculous non issue

  63. Thats the type of trash that should be kicked out of nice neighborhoods. I rather live next to a Mexican, Indian, African American, etc. but I would move immediately if I even thought I would have to put up with a piece of trash like Karens.

  64. This is so fake. How do people fall for others people crap so easy. Just look at this chicks post history. Anyone who believes this post prolly believes Jussie Smollet was telling the truth too.

  65. Right? I was already suspicious from the get go but as soon as I saw the nonsensical "I overheard my son" part where she makes it a point to highlight the daughter (OP) was "cute" I knew this was 100% BS. What a narcissist lmao.

  66. Came here to say this. It's like a carricature of a racist person. Not buying it. It's sad that people feel the need to do shit like this for attention when others face actual discrimination.

  67. Where was it left I wonder? It's a super clean peice of paper for being under a windscreen wiper, which is where people normally leave things. Anything that goes under mine would have a mark.

  68. I love that she didn't even think to ask the (still somewhat racist) shorthand "dots or feathers?" question about "Indian". Like...Indian means "Native American" only to Americans, dumbass. To the rest of the world, it means "people from India". Ignorant and proud. America, fuck yeah!

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