took a deep dive into karissa’s IG for the first time ever today, and boy howdy. what a wild ride.

  1. They “study” by themselves. They’re done before she wakes up. No adult (not even talking about a qualified adult, just ANY adult) verifies what they have worked on. No one gives them any feedback.

  2. See, you can get all the basics and important information for each subject in about 3 hours. When I taught virtually, that’s really all it took. Now, I will say coming back to in person learning, you can definitely see those gaps and how the kids are all really far behind. So, if I was with them in person and actually physically sitting there with them for those 3 hours, I don’t think there would be as large of a gap. If these kids only do 10 minutes without supervision or guidance, they’re barely reading what’s on the computer. They’d probably be lower than kindergarten in every subject. Karissa is breeding illiterate and barely knowledgeable about the world kids. It’s really sad.

  3. There was a post a while back where the oldest completed one of her assignments… her handwriting and writing skills in general were very underdeveloped. Her sentences were very simple and it’s clear that she was struggling to form the letters. There’s a difference in bad handwriting and underdeveloped handwriting. Her letters were uneven and there was no cohesive style to each sentence. It looked like she was copying each letter rather than writing a word I looked back and it more looks like she is sounding out the words and writing that way.

  4. Yeah, this is horrific. We homeschool (secular, both parents are college-educated, responsible people, etc) and we do 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week depending on what we’re doing and if we have experiments or art projects that work. It’s very parent intensive and I’m constantly researching ways to make it better for the kids. I cannot imagine just tossing workbooks at them and being like, “Good luck, kids!”

  5. The "We do the talk when they're 13" slide is sending me because... no you don't, none of your kids have turned 13 yet 🙄

  6. I think she's a masochist who attains spiritual fulfillment from suffering and the attention she gets for suffering. Hence her "I want to die in childbirth" crap and letting her current fetus risk death by refusing the rhogam shot. What kind of mother wants or even thinks to film, edit and post a 45min long video of their septic baby fighting for her life in hospital?

  7. I only found out about Karissa recently, so thank you! I've gone back a bit in her IG and listened to some of her "testimonies", but there's SO MUCH there!

  8. She thinks all her kids have similar personalities. Anyone else think she just doesn't know her kids at all and they're not allowed to express any individuality?

  9. Yep. Notice the ones who get along best are the closest in age. There is no way a mom of 9 can really get to know her kids. At that point it is mostly crowd control.

  10. Wow that last slide is slightly horrifying. Kids have to be severely deprived of knowledge to self educate themselves so aggressively (speaking from experience)

  11. Also speaking to that point, she seems proud they do it by the time she wakes up…which she shouldn’t because it’s as if the older kids know when she wakes up all hell will break lose. In whatever form that may be that day. (Also speaking from experience regarding the whole knowing your day goes to shit when your abusive parent is awake). And so they of course want to get that time in while quiet (so to speak) because they are hankering (I hope) for some knowledge.

  12. That last one about the kids homeschooling themselves.... That's just straight up neglect. How can you SERiOUSLY think your kids are getting any kind of education teaching themselves?!?! 😢

  13. We use an accredited online curriculum that does the heavy lifting of teaching, reviewing, testing, and remediation, and our kids are thriving with it, but I still need to be there every moment to troubleshoot, supplement, guide, and KEEP THEM FOCUSED. It's like herding cats some days, and I only have 4.

  14. Even then, she says that she believes “god will present you with a solution when you’re ready” but who the fuck is to say that the solution hasn’t already been presented and that it is surrogacy or some other kind of option that’s already available? Her own logic works against her

  15. Clearly she's never read a Bible older than 1947 when that verse was mistranslated from Peter St to homosexuality. Are cracked open any kind of theology or Christian history book that would explain it.

  16. Ok. I truly can't believe I'm about to defend this bish. Ugh. But as someone from a family with a range of skin colors, cameras often auto-balance based on the palest person's skin, and the only way to get any kind of definition in anyone else's face is to bring the shadows and brightness way up. She is undoubtedly horrible in almost every way, but this may be more about how photographic technology is systematically biased, rather than just her usual awfulness.

  17. I had a supernatural birth and labour too. I couldn’t stop laughing with joy when giving birth. Mainly because I was high as fuck on morphine, gas & air.

  18. The part about how the kids are done with homeschool before she gets up is the worst for me. She has no shame to admit she is not homeschooling at all. I'm an adult, fully aware of why studying is important etc and I have a hard time studying on my own... I imagine this kids just scrap a few pages and that's it, their mom isn't going to check anyway.

  19. She's said she wants boy twins before. I just have this 1000% gut feeling she wants to use the names Archer and Arrow. Archyr and Ayrow.

  20. She's said before those are the names she wants to use. She thought she was having boy twins with Anthym and she said God told her they were named Archyr and Arrow. Of course that didn't happen...She also believed she was supposed to give birth in a Target.

  21. Glad to know God wants everyone to be lesbians, you know, since they statistically are less likely to get STDs than straight couples. I’m just lucky to be so much holier than the fundies, they only wish they could be as godly as me

  22. If I was delivering a baby and the mother was hysterically laughing the entire time, I would call a priest because I would assume she's possessed.

  23. Why does Karissa use this font? At first I thought it was the poster's phone settings, but then I checked and Karissa actually uses this font. It makes her posts borderline unreadable.

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  25. Um. That last one is disturbing. My child woke up, climbed out of his crib and caused a fiasco the other day. I cannot fathom letting my children “teach themselves” while I slept.

  26. "Supernatural birth given by God". What lol. I never expected a fundie to refer something as supernatural especially birth

  27. This is SO problematic in so many ways. She’s not equipping these children for the outside world, understanding their identities as bi-racial individuals nor interacting with their peers. She’s so fixated on monetizing her uterus that she’s overlooking the responsibilities she already has with NINE children. Statistically some of these children will have an LGBTQIA identity as well- so that’s going to be terrible for them.. this is so awful…

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