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  1. A lot of people opt to pay for porn because it is one of the most ethical ways to watch porn - because of the transparency of the actors and their pay.

  2. Porn addiction, it’s a serious problem and one of the main symptoms of having it is paying for porn. It truly shows how exploitive this industry is.

  3. You could say this about most forms of online content creation though - why subscribe or donate to Patreon, Twitch, YouTube, etc. when you could watch or listen for free?

  4. If there weren't pay pigs in the world then there would be no incentive for all of the beautiful e-thots to create content, content which ultimately gets leaked so that the frugal fappers such as yourself can enjoy them as well.

  5. Loads of men just pay for the emotional connection they think they have with the girls, they just don’t realize that 🤣 like we all know that’s free to see

  6. You can also Google image/video search most creators and see all the content they post on free platforms or what's been leaked.

  7. We all spend money on stupid things. For some it's drugs, trading cards, a massive gun collection, race car parts, vintage or retro toys and video games, tattoos, eating out every night, etc.

  8. I don’t pay for onlyfans but someone I talked to explained it like this “I can’t see the girls tits that sat behind me in math class for free”

  9. You can seriously plug any OF girls name into reddit and see "EVERYTHING". If not check "name OF leaks" and most others will show up there.

  10. its funny how people still dont understand why that is... why is OF chicks tits more better than random slut online? You wont answer because its too difficult to figure it out.

  11. As funny as that is. That's not why most people use only fans. It's to have a degree of control, it's empowering to get someone to do degrading things at your command (not to me)

  12. People will happily spend money to feel something. Onlyfans makes them feel more connected that general porn. We're going to start seeing more of this in the future as people work more, and if another virus causes a quarantine, it will be the only interaction some people get.

  13. It’s the people who wanna see someone specific tho bruh which I wouldn’t do but I get where they coming from

  14. Yeah when i have a very specific fetish that has like 20 vids online that i have whacked off to 5 times over each i can pay 5$ for 1000 more vids tbh

  15. No better yet google big boobs and realize that there are billions of women out there so simping for one is lame. Simp for one billion.

  16. The only appeal I see of only fans is seeing the content from someone 99.9999% of people don't know. It's knowing someone in real life. Finding out they do OF. Drop the money. See it. Cancel.

  17. Only fans is like the least exploitative way for sex workers to make money online. Why wouldn't you want to support them? Super weird

  18. A lot of OF girls have been on social media before that for years with many people following them because they are really attractive. Then one day she makes an OF and she shows more skin everytime. This is why people pay for OF. They pay to see a specific person naked they have thirsted over for years.

  19. I don’t pay for OF but a good argument I have seen for people who do is that the porn industry is super toxic and exploitive. Lots of young women get tricked and practically raped and make next to nothing off of it.

  20. Pornhub spelt backwards is Buhnrop. This means something.. haven’t figured out what that something is yet but it’ll be evident eventually

  21. If you want to watch a niche fetish then you’d have to pay or scour the internet for hours looking for a good illegal source. Like I sometimes want to watch a good JOI vid, but I usually want to watch a specific girl since I know what I’d get, and most JOI vids are humiliation vids which I don’t really like. And those vids of those girls are of course hard to find for free or you need to wait hours to download from those filehosters without paying. It’s just easier to pay for a month and download a lot of the vids for later.

  22. I fucking hate that. Their Reddit profile sometimes has longer videos than their OF. So they bait you into thinking "Okay, she has some good free content, lets see her "paid" content" and then once you're in you realize everything is locked.

  23. I've literally never found a popular OF "star" that I can't find the pics posted somewhere else, in less than 5 minutes.

  24. Go to google type in Escort +your city it’s 200 dollars for any one of the hottest ladies in the world to spend an hour with you it’s literally the same price as paying a therapist for an hour but then you get your Mental therapy fix and your Boobie fix. (Your welcome) but that kind of real life interaction would give these keyboard warriors a heart attack 😂🤣😭

  25. That’s why you seduce your therapist so you have sex with her in one session, then get therapy for it in the next.

  26. "maybe she'll let me fuck her if I give her a nominal amount of money per month". Just get a hooker at least you'll get to DO something with her.

  27. Best thing about OF that its in majority leaked online anyway. So even paid content is there to see for free after 2 google searches.

  28. Uhhhh no, they give me the same message they do all their other 100k subs thats probably not even written by them, so clearly they really care about me. Money well spent, take that reddit

  29. I dont even pay for streaming services so i couldn't even fathom paying for any form of porn

  30. I found a super hot girl on reddit that had an onlyfans. It's horribly expensive that fucking site. Subscribing to a girl is about 15 usd a month which is already A LOT but that barely gets you anywhere.... Their "best" content (which is just videos longer than 5 minutes) is always extra and you have to pay from 30 usd to 70 usd per video. Canceled that shit the next day.

  31. As someone who has paid for onlyfans I can say it’s mostly a scam. You pay to see the chick you want to see and then they post better pictures on their Instagram than on their onlyfans. Then they want you to pay for half assed pics and videos after you already paid to get access to said content. They’re not all like that but a high percentage are.

  32. I don't want to website drop, but there are sites with the top like 500women and trans people all 100% free. Will say, yea their stuff isn't worth it, just looking at it sure some girls look nice, but so do other women and they have sex, just a pose picture isn't as good as pornhub. So even for free I lean towards pornhub, wtf are people paying for?

  33. Dude I worked with wife found out he had porn subscriptions by checking his bank transactions. I was like dude!?!?! You actually pay for that!?!?!

  34. OnlyFans is legit stupid af. I feel so bad for all the girls that do that shit it’s pathetic. You’re basically a desperate porn star that couldn’t make it. Get a real job.

  35. Video games is the one catagory where you really do get your moneys worth for the amount of time you spend playing and being entertained by comparison to virtually most other paid...anything. You tried game pass? Yeah, your life time isn't enough to play everything there. £8 for the month, whats that? Lunch?

  36. I will never understand someone who pays for shit like this lmao. To support sex workers... really? If you're feely lonley make a bumble or tinder account. If you're feeling horny go watch porn for free, it's everywhere including here on Reddit

  37. For real! The only way I'd pay for that is if it was a girl I know. Also of course it would have to be a girl I'd want to see naked. Which, let's face it, is most of them

  38. Based on my experiences on Reddit, I'd say you don't even need OF since everyone with one just posts their shit on Reddit all the time anyway.

  39. Every thing is free online - even if u pay ton of money on onlyfans etc u will never be able to even touch her a bit in real life instead visit prostitution legal countries & have real fun

  40. I'll admit, this post genuinely made me laugh. There's definitely a lot of impulsive expenditures around adult content. I hate it when I pay for an OF sub and the most popular videos are the same as the free ones on PH. Definitely got duped at times.

  41. I'm all for sex work and paying for said sex work (since the porn industry is scummy as shit) but OF is usually a scam and honestly falls into the same category as normal porn industry scummy bullshit, except less rape and grooming.

  42. Hot cosplayers have Patreon accounts to fund their hobby. They produce amazing outfits often better than anything in live-action adaptations.

  43. Onlyfans girls are basically an internet version of strippers that get mad whenever someone suggests you can see boobs on pornhub for free.

  44. Paying for only fans has to be one of the most pathetic things any person can do. Anyone that pays for that nonsense needs to see a therapist to diagnose their underlying issues.

  45. meanwhile I'm just following reddit thots everyday knowing I'll ignore all the of shilling from 99.99% of them.

  46. Some guy told me 'its not the same' after I rejected sending explicit pictures of myself. Sent him straight to ph and Google

  47. Honestly if the content is really good and popular it will get leaked on here or other sites. Wanting high quality premium content is not a good enough excuse to pay for porn when I trip to rarbg will get the job done.

  48. This comment section is so entertaining. You have OF girls and OF supporters calling people who don't pay for OF incels and then you have the ones who don't pay for OF calling the supporters incels.

  49. The average OF girl makes 151$ monthly and that's including the top 1%, if you removed them the average girl would have around 50$ lmao, ain't nobody being scammed except the girls selling their bodies for 50$ a month

  50. It's not just about the porn. Lonely people are starved for and get off on any kind of personal sexual attention, even online, and even from just a sext from a stranger. It fries a part of their brain and the result is just sad.

  51. Sex work is real work. It should be regulated to protect the legitimate people in the industry. Coal workers, sailors, roofers, etc. are all examples of humans who also sell their body for a living. You don't need to partake in the sex work industry to understand that your preference shouldn't dictate if someone else can monetize their body

  52. Any person who paid for of, are pretty stupid, like there are like thousands sites that can give you free porn. I don't understand why people will spend their money on something so stupid

  53. Why I need any reason to support person I admire. Yea other girls are free. But they are not a certain girl. Is it hard to understand?

  54. I think this is a really nice way to put it. I have some friends that are content creators and have thought about it myself, and yeah, I think it’s more about the relationships you end up forming with people. Obviously, I’m not talking about those giant accounts.

  55. Lots of women and white knights in the comments getting mad because some people don't pay for onlyfans. Yes, people indeed have better things to spend their money on than some feet pics.

  56. I feel like it shouldnt be promoted so much, i would disown my daughter if she decided to give up studying for a useful career and pimp herself out online

  57. Men paying money to see some boobs is pathetic. There is shit they could be doing with that money. Hell if they got nothing to spend it on they could give it to their mum or whatever. It's even more pathetic when they are paying to see a specific woman because they feel some kind of connection with her even though they have never interacted and she would probably be disgusted by him if they met. Onlyfans is that kind of sad situation where lonely losers pay money to get a tiny glimpse at what it would be like to have a woman actually like them.

  58. You don't pay to use Google? Wtf you are exploiting the time and effort Google employees took to create that amazing search engine. You are so twisted

  59. Shut up. OF is a scam targeting persons with poor mental health and I'm in no way getting behind that. And the "all videos on pornhub are rape" is just utterly stupid, if you see something bad report it. Also you are saying this as if OF does'nt have women forced by someone to upload content.

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