Mods dont react. How can [email protected] users even come here, ffs stop brigarding you kids

  1. I watch the Melt thread.. yet i have to say they seem to do more personal attacks on GME patrons and pick at posts... than provide DD...n now i brace for the incoming...bc they do attack...n i have openly stated my i am sure ill be lit up from this post.

  2. Cults hate outside thinking. For those wondering if gme has become a cult; this is great evidence. Harassment of anyone who questions the narrative.

  3. What outside thinking? You meltdowners provide nothing of value 😂 all trash talk and non sense. If you can deliver some serious counter dd, you‘ll be heard. But there is none 😃

  4. You forgot the part that humans were designed specifically for cults and culture. Your statement applies to the gov. The media and anyone who has agendas to which we are unaware of the consequences of the actions one may take individually. AKA plausible deniability or scapegoat the reason things "happen".

  5. Interesting you mention RC selling all his shares after he bought even more and continues to poach top execs from larger companies by offering them stock options as payment. You clearly haven’t paid attention to anything that has happened over the last year.

  6. By your own definition you are part of a cult in meltdown my guy, If gamestop is a shit stock/company I'd love to hear your reasoning as to why top executives from Amazon and similar companies are leaving extremely high paying jobs from well established and thriving companies to take a position in a "dying brick and mortar store". As for me I like the company for nostalgic reasons as a gamer kid from the 90s to early 2000s and my kids are becoming young gamers too so I still do a lot of business with gamestop

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