What is your favorite design of the Queen of the Monsters, Mothra?

  1. I grew up watching Showa films (parents had a few dvd copies) so I’m definitely biased towards the OG, lol

  2. For me it's Leo and GMK seem nice. Also the monster verse intro to the character made me love her. So that is up there too

  3. i love the showa design even though the colors are not as vibrate but she still looks majestic

  4. Leo was so good but actually really like the monsterverse design. Would really like to see what they come up with if they do a Leo or battra design for the monsterverse.

  5. GMK, followed closely by Showa, then Singular Point (but who knows if a true SP Mothra would be an upscaled version of those or a new design)*, then Leo, Monsterverse, finally anime trilogy (not that we really got much to go on there).

  6. I really like the monsterverse design mainly for the wings. The size and color of them gives mothra a very grand feel.

  7. Leo or Sp. Leo looks awesome and has a beautiful wing pattern and colors. Sp just looks like a proper redesign when you look at the one images where it’s not a tiny pixel.

  8. MV Mothra, To me she is the perfect balance of elegance and threatening, Some of the previous Mothra designs (Specifically Hesei) were too fluffy and cute for me to take seriously as the guardian of the earth tbh (I'm not saying the other Mothras are weak, I'm bad at power scaling)

  9. Heisei and Leo. With 2019 coming in 2nd place as it was a very good design an didnt take away her grace. Also didnt kno the mini moth in SP was her......kinda sad i missed that. Hopefully she makes another appearance in season 2

  10. 1-leo/tokyo sos (I cant decide betwen those 2) 2-monsterverse/final wars 3-showa 4-gmk (I like the colors)5 -heisei(I love how fluffy it is but it looks way to mutch like a plushy of mothra) 6-singular point(small and cute but I dont vibe with it) 7- godzilla earth mothra (we didnt see enough of her)

  11. Monsterverse is what got me into Godzilla, and the original Mothra was just pure almost motherly protection. Give the fairy twins back lol!

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