Do you think GTA 6 will Look as good as the Matrix demo ? unreal engine 5 have alot of mind blowing technology like nanite and etc ... do you think Rockstar is aware of this technology or they just gonna copy past rdr2 with some better Ai , I be so disappointed just look how incredible this looks !

  1. Most likely a different engine, and ue5 games won't look like that tech demo for years. Tech demos don't need to care about optimization nearly as much, it's just an all-round showcase of every new feature on max.

  2. I'd love to be wrong but i bet you it will NOT "top UE5", why simply because we're not even at UE5 level yet. The PS5 BARELY ran the UE5 demo and for sure rockstar is not gonna make a game that only runs on PS5 at 20fps.

  3. I mean, I’d say the matrix city feels more real visually simply due to the scale and color grading. In GTA 5 buildings feel really tiny imo. I really hope we get more life-sized meshes in VI.

  4. i think it’ll be very close, but it has to be able to run more than just the map on a console or a low-end pc

  5. Dude, they are making gta 6 on 'rage 9' engine which is a upgraded version of old rage engine which was used for rdr2, they even have claimed that the rage 9 engine is better than unreal 5 engine.

  6. I fully expect Rage 9 to be more powerful than Unreal. Rockstar invests a lot into their engines, and it's usually easier to get the most out of an engine in a game when the engine is purpose-built for the game. Unreal Engine is great as a generalist engine but there are many proprietary engines that perform better

  7. I’m gonna have a stroke reading this comment, it’s like when writers in TV shows use random hacking buzzwords in a way that doesn’t even make sense, resolution handling has nothing to do with how complex the game systems themselves can be. Besides, who the hell is going to be gaming at 12k when the vast majority of people are still on 1080p/1440p, or maayyyybe 4K if you’re on a console?

  8. I remember seeing RDR2 trailers for the first time and holy shit I remember thinking the graphics wete so good and I'd never seen anything as good before, which is true because RDR2 still looks great for a last gen game and even when newer current gen games are ovetaking it RDR2 still holds up well.

  9. Buzzwords and the trivialisation of extremely complex and time consuming things like engine/game dev aside, no, it won’t look as good as a tech demo that was made to impress and not play extensively. Not even the UE 5 games we know of so far look that good.

  10. No game is going to look as good as this. It’s extremely limited and thus allowed them push the graphics are far as possible.

  11. About the nanite technology, Rockstar has patented their version of this technology and they’re probably using it already for GTA VI.

  12. I don't think it is very comparable. Rockstar finds a very good balance between realism, graphical features and art style. For example, RDR2 has a world that is very organic in conrast to how this demo or a game like Cyberpunk 2077 looks, which are trying hard to be photorealistic and lacking the artistic approach Rockstar uses to make their worlds feel alive.

  13. Why is a copy of RDR2 a bad thing? It’s easily top 5 of best visuals of a video game to date. This picture doesn’t appeal to me at all and video games should never look 100% like reality, I like there to be something artificial, especially with the use of colour.

  14. God i hope not. It looks ugly as hell. All these enb and graphical mods looks amazing only on certain scenes

  15. Rockstar are almost certainly 100% totally not at all aware of Unreal Engine 5. I mean how could anyone at Rockstar be aware of such a thing when they're so caught up on working with their own RAGE engine right?

  16. Their own engine is literally the top of the market. Biggest, most advanced game engine out there. RDR2 was made on RAGE, while IV will use RAGE9. It's above and beyond anything else out there.

  17. Nah probably wouldn’t see graphics like that until ps6 the ps5 was running really low frames on that because it looks too good but I probably would’ve said something like this before rdr2 so who knows there’s always a chance

  18. It will be better, nothing stays as on the edge of technology as the RAGE engine does, even considering the budget of Epic Games

  19. I HOPE that other devs will use UE5 and try to make product who can be compared with gta games.. now they have possibilities to use it - just make modern setting crime game

  20. its not how that works, to create anything like gta you have to have thousands of employees. there nothing of “just make” in the process.

  21. The Matrix demo looks good but the world design is pretty bland (Roads are perfectly straight, no bumps). I think Rockstar will focus more on making a believable world than just making it look good.

  22. I think Rockstar in all this years of GTA 5 have a good tech to build a game with the graphics and phisics that the next gen needs.

  23. Maybe if they put the amount of effort they do in GTA Online which is most likely barely any effort. Look at the newest update. Luxury Autos is literally just a glass with 2 cars.

  24. I believe, yes. Maybe texture quality will not be as super-high res. as the Matrix Demo but overall graphics quality will be better imo.

  25. The way RDR2 looked and ran on a base ps4 (which was old hardware when it released) would leave me to believe that 6 will most likely look comparable to the tech demo but with a few potential downgrades for performance which I would prefer.

  26. Unreal Engine 5 is an impressive showcase of where gaming / video technology has evolved to. My expectations would be that a company as large and cash strapped as Rockstar Games could deliver something at least as good as that if not better. Anything less would be at least somewhat disappointing.

  27. A copied and pasted RDR2 would still be better than most games on the market but for real now they won’t do that GTA 6 is going to look mind blowing just like any rockstar game that has not been remastered. The real question you should be asking is how detailed will it be.

  28. Matrix isn't really a game, it's just a tech demo. I don't think it would be possible to have a game like GTA look like this.

  29. I think this is what people like Phil Hooker and Rockstar San Diego mainly focus on. In the recent Jamie King interview, he talks about the development of the RAGE engine, and they had hired experts and consulted with people who worked at NVIDIA to stay up to date on the upcoming technologies and incorporated them into the RAGE engine. I'm sure they're constantly working to advance the RAGE engine

  30. Rockstar will most likely use there rage engine. I’d love a more realistic GTA. But graphics are taking small leaps each gen it seems. It’s more about SSD and faster processors. Bigger more engaging worlds. It’s not like PS2 to PS3. We have pretty much plateaued. I’m sure GTA6 will still look very impressive! The real graphics leap will be PSVR2.

  31. I thought this was a real pic until I saw the NPC’s face. That would be amazing but I highly doubt it. If it was, it would be 30fps. There’s so much more going on with polygons and destruction and map size that we could even fathom.

  32. No. My guess is a RDR2's graphics but with better textures, better effects and ray-tracing. May sound underwhelming but trust me textures and ray-tracing go a LONG way to make a game look better.

  33. I’m not even gonna lie if they just enhanced the RDR2 level graphics and gave us GTA 6 I wouldn’t be mad. At this point graphics is the least of my concern cuz let’s face it WE ALL KNOW it’s gonna look better💀 I just hope surrounding areas are more dense. Such as deeper woodlands/ swamps (since it’s in vice city) with more foliage and more populated cities with more traffic.

  34. I think I will not enjoy it it looks too real that it meds the goofy style of gta v and looks more akind to real life I dont play gta to play real life

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