Progress pics - one year of gym and rugby - feeling really proud today ✨

  1. Very nice. I'm a bit sleep deprived and I always think "before and after" in that order so at first I thought he put on weight until I saw the title and woke up a bit lol.

  2. I really thought the first 2 pictures were before and after and I was like man he hasn’t changed at all, then I swiped. You’re looking great man!

  3. When posing on the third pic, try leaning in your shoulder instead of holding it back. Makes you appear like your real size or even bigger 🤙🏽 anyway, good job on the progress and keep going

  4. I’m a prop. Hence why I haven’t really lost as much weight as I could have. Got to keep smashing through the defence. 🍺🏉

  5. I don’t mean to be rude, but it is actually hard to tell which is before and which is after. Usually before is on left and right is after but I can’t tell here. Good job op for staying consistent for a year but maybe label before and after?

  6. OP, firstly , good job on the loss! Secondly, I was wondering if during your journey to this point did workouts become “fun” for you?

  7. To be fair I found the gym fun from the off and that has helped me to be consistent in going. I have ADHD so I am really good at picking new hobbies up and absolutely terrible at sticking at them, hence why I am so proud of 1 year.

  8. I haven’t changed my diet really. Eating a bit less, trying to take on more protein. I guess the next step is to sort my nutrition out.

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