This was no joke, mad respect for those who can do this with substantial weight! Also, this is an Arm Squat.

  1. Just a heads up, it’s probably not the smartest thing to voice your opinions about things you don’t have experience or knowledge on.

  2. I prefer using kettlebells but just started doing these and they are a biatch. Fantastic warm up exercise too.

  3. I’ve been warming up with kettle bell side bends. Seems to work well and also cracks a bunch of my back!

  4. Danger action lead to consequences. what if you drop weight?!? You could get injured doing weight lift like such as this? You arm? could become mangled and. smashed like that would not be an epic gamer moment

  5. Hey pretty cool! Get ups are everywhere all of a sudden. With your arm squatting prowess I bet you’d get a 50+kg with like an hour of practicing the basic techniques.

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