Battery disappears before my eyes - AccuBattery estimates

  1. Why? I really saw the percentages dropping like flies on my way to work, so it might not be that overexaggerated, unfortunately.

  2. Battery drain on this phone is mad. I had a 3 hour lab session at uni today and my phone went from 95-87 and I didn't even touch it. Went from 100-95 with my phone on 4G+ playing music for 20 mins in the background. Using the s22U exynos 512gb. Hopefully this shit is finally addressed. I don't remember it being this bad on my s10+

  3. Get the gsam battery app. If you use that one adb command under more states, you will see exactly what is taking the resources

  4. Recently made a battery optimisation video on my YouTube with my note 10+5G Exynos you can check it out..might come on handy.

  5. I had power saving mode on and I am down to 10% at 13:54 with ordinary S22. Does this happen to you guys as well or is my unit faulty?

  6. If it's not too annoying for you, try to factory reset your phone and reinstall only the apps you need, if it's still the same I guess it's an issue from your phone

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