PlayStation Plus games for January: Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5, Deep Rock Galactic

  1. Deep Rock Galactic is one of the greatest online co-op games I've ever played. My friends and I end up playing at least a couple times a month for the past year. It really satisfies that itch where you just want to play against bots instead of real players and possibly get your ass kicked.

  2. DRG has remained my favorite co-op/horde/objective shooter that I've played since Left4Dead2. Only Vermintide II has come close second.

  3. Is the class synergy very important in the game? Can me and my friends just pick the same class and feel that we aren't being punish for playing certain way?

  4. Actually really excited for Persona Strikers, I recently played Persona 5 (Not Royal) and was looking to pick up the game, but the cheapest I found it for was $40. I guess Strikers, picks up right where vanilla persona 5 leaves off so I'm excited to see where the story goes.

  5. Strikers is an absolute joy. Really enjoyed the action gameplay, the framing of the story, and god the new music is amazing. I would say Royal still has a stronger narrative, but Strikers' is quite good too.

  6. I played it on the Switch when it first came out, after playing P5 (also not Royal) on the PS4. Strikers is a really interesting and well done mix of gameplay styles. Although it lacks the deep social stuff from the mainline game, there's plenty of interaction and dialog that really helps it feel like a true sequel (which it is) to Persona 5. Seeing all your friends again is super cool, the road trip nature of the game is really fun, and the new characters are surprisingly great. I enjoyed it so much I don't even care that I could have just waited to play it on PS+ lol. (I did get one of the steelbook editions).

  7. Persona 5 Strikers is legitimately one of the best games I've played in years and is easily my favorite of 2021. Highly recommend it (but play Persona 5 first!)

  8. It really does not get nearly enough love. I learned so much (compared to the nearly nothing I knew before) about regional foods in Japan by playing that game and the soundtrack is sick as hell.

  9. With all of the praise it's gotten since the leak I'm surprised I've never heard of it. Can't wait to try it out.

  10. Yes. Do that. My country had Day 1 in February, but I subscribed around November the previous year, just to get a headstart. Plus you get 20 extra games as a PS5 bundle. Which is a huge plus.

  11. 400 hours on DRG for PC, so glad to see it on ps plus, such an amazing pick up for any group or anyone wanting a chill solo experience cannot understate how well polished this game is

  12. As someone who finished Persona 5 Royal. I LOVED every part of Strikers so much and being a musou fan also helped although there are defo some differences.

  13. I personally see a different experience - I'm 350 hours in and constantly seeing people way higher levels than me. Been playing for around 18 months and it's the only game I play like that (an or so every day with friends)

  14. Couldn't agree more! Bought it in the current steam sale and have been having fun with it. Worth diving into for atleast a little bit because it's free.

  15. Strikers takes place after the original P5's ending correct? I know game play is completely different but the story pretty much is set after P5, or at least that's what I remember hearing.

  16. Persona Strikers is my favourite Musou outside Dynasty Warriors 8, I think. Incredibly good game, it was obvious Koei deeply respected the source material.

  17. Bought deep rock galactic a few months ago with my woman on steam. Absolutely fun ass* game. Would highly suggest one person in your group is a Driller though, haha. First few missions were rough for us.

  18. First time I’ve owned all 3 games and I still think this is the best month in a long ol’ time.

  19. Persona 5 Strikers is my GOTY this year. I am not a fan of Musou games. In fact, I hate them. When I bought the game, I went in with very low expectations. I bought it solely because I was a fan of the Persona 5 series and the story was a direct sequel. P studio and Omega Force somehow made it very enjoyable with a lot of depth and a story that is worthy to be called a sequel. The best part is...the music was on point once again. I can say that it rivals or best Persona 5 Royal in that department. I platinum the game after 110+ hours. I highly recommend it for anyone who has beaten Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal to play this game. You owe it to yourself to see the gang once more...

  20. It honestly didn't even feel much like a Musuo for me, more like a arpg with a really fast paced and fun combat system, I've been a huge fan of the series since 3 came out so I was already looking forward to it, but it absolutely blew past my expectations with its superb gameplay.

  21. I honestly forget that P5S is technically considered a musou game. To me, they really downplayed that aspect of game and just turned it into a small part of the overall gameplay experience. It's more of a standard RPG and the musou parts are the brief enemy random encounters. It works out really well, and the game totally maintains the Persona 5 feel and aesthetic. It's a great sequel!

  22. My GOTY this year as well, almost entirely just because of how much fun it was to hang out with the Persona 5 characters again.

  23. This was my GOTY as well (until it was pushed to #2), and that was mostly for how AMAZING it got mechanically when everything clicked.

  24. Just finished Persona 5 Strikers the other day. Loved it, it felt like Persona 5 just without the turn-based combat. The main cast doesn't get much development because there's a whole other game to do that but the new characters are great.

  25. Strikers is really good. If you liked the original for it’s good characters, fantastic art design, and amazing music, you will love this one as well.

  26. Nice, dragging my feat on finishing P5 has paid off! I guess this answers the question on whether I will play on PS5 or Switch.

  27. Go for PS5 if given the choice. Higher resolution, 60fps, and much faster load times are huuuuge QoL improvements worth trading portability for.

  28. I’ve been playing P5 since about 6 months after it came out and I’m still not done. I think I’m on the last palace. I bought Strikers (and DIRT 5) on sale a month or two back after holding out on them for a while… I knew I should’ve waited!

  29. P5S is brilliant, the blend of RPG and action elements made the game way more engaging than the main line titles.

  30. I hadn’t picked up Strikers yet, I beat P5 before Royal came out and was going to beat Royal first (even though I heard it’s story isn’t related). I ended up putting Royal down for something and just never came back. Kinda glad this worked out. Will be jumping into Strikers immediately. Super pumped.

  31. This is exceptionally good timing for me personally, as I just got Persona 5 Royal for Christmas. I've only played one other Musou game, that being Age of Calamity, but I really enjoyed it and I hear Strikers is even better. I know I have a very, very long game still ahead of me before I play Strikers but this gives me extra incentive to play through and finish it.

  32. And to think I nearly bought Dirt 5 from our local retailer at full price and then some. Can't wait to try it out yeaaa!!

  33. Omg I need to finish Persona 5 now. I felt bad about not snagging Persona 5 Royal on sale for $25, but wasn’t sure if I had it in me to play through it again.

  34. Ooooh nice. I've been meaning to get Strikers for a while now and there had been a couple times where I was really close to buying it (but ended up playing something else). Getting it for free is a nice surprise.

  35. I hope this means they put the year one pass for Dirt 5 on sale, id like to play more of that with the extra events.

  36. This is absolutely awesome! I've played deep rock without friends since release because I don't have any friends on pc that plays anything outside of counter strike and I don't know anybody who owns an Xbox so now finally I can actually play with my friends on Playstation.

  37. You need to play either Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal (they are basically the same game, Royal just has more stuff.)

  38. You don't have to play the other games but it's essentially like jumping straight into season 6 of a TV show rather than starting from the beginning. It's not recommended. The individual stories of strikers are all self-contained so you can enjoy that on it's own but most of the core party members have next to no character development since that's what the original game is for.

  39. I am so lost as to what Persona 5 actually is, and which of the alternate titles and spin offs is the actual game people like lol

  40. Persona 5 is a turn-based JRPG with a Pokemon-like mechanic for getting Personas as the Protagonist. Strikers is an Action RPG sequel to Persona 5. Royal is a rerelease that has bonus content that isn't in the vanilla version of Persona 5. Dancing in Starlight is a non-canon rhythm game and Q2 is a spin-off turn-based dungoen crawler based on Etrian Odyssey gameplay that isn't exactly canon and is a crossover game featuring every character from Personas 3-5 as playable party members that get the protagonists' abilitiy to switch Personas. If Persona 5 Arena happens, it would be a Arc System Works fighting game sequel to Strikers that is fully canon and features some Persona 3 and 4 characters due to events in those games that would be spoilers if I explained them.

  41. If the title is just "Persona 5", its the actual RPG game. Persona 5 Royal is just Persona 5 with an entire new semester added to the end of the game plus an additional ending and QoL updates for the whole game. Its effectively the Complete Edition of P5.


  43. Dirt 5 is cool man. They gave another one of those away a few years back I think, realistic rally game, guy in the seat giving instructions if I'm not mistaken. I loved it

  44. No. Windows 10 and Xbox can play together, Steam cannot play with anyone outside their ecosystem and PS4/5 is the same.

  45. One of those comments is saying Game Pass is awesome because it has such a recent game released on it (check the dates, that post is from 10 months ago). The other comment is specifically commenting on the game.

  46. So pumped for dirt 5! Knew that 10tb hard drive would pay for itself in these games! I have every one since they started. I’m down to 4tb lolll

  47. i need to get a new SSD for my PS5 instead of constantly playing the "what am i least likely to play again in the near future so i can delete it"-game.

  48. P5S alone makes this a great month. Dirt 5 makes it even sweeter. If you haven’t played Persona 5 I’d advise doing so first. Strikers is a different play style, but a direct sequel. Also P5 is free if you have a PS5 anyway.

  49. Any word on it DRG has crossplay for playstation yet? I've had it on Steam for a while and would love to carry my progress over and play with the homies on PS4

  50. Steam and Xbox/Windows doesn't even have crossplay and has been out awhile so I doubt it will be with Playstation

  51. As of now it's still just Xbox/Windows and PS4/PS5 crossplay, with the devs more or less saying "maybe" anytime someone asks about more.

  52. From my understanding, the game currently only has Cross-play between Xbox & Windows Store (so not even Steam).

  53. Didn't really think I was into racing games until I played Forza Horizon 5. Should I give Dirt 5 a try? My only way of playing FH5 is through streaming, so I'm kinda wanting something I can play natively.

  54. I'd say it's worth it for the adaptive triggers alone. It's a pretty fun game with great visuals but it lacks the depth of a game like Forza. It's perfect for when you have 15 minutes to kill and dont want to commit to anything bigger, do a couple races and shut it off. That's pretty much how I've been playing it and ive had it on my HD since February and still get enjoyment out of it.

  55. As a huge fan of racing games (both sims and arcade racers), I bought Dirt 5 day one and was extremely disappointed. The cars, gameplay, customization, and online play all fell very short of what I expect from a Dirt game. It's almost not worth your time even for free.

  56. Well Dirt is super realistic and not as arcadey as horizon is, but if you wanted a rally sim, that's probably the best one you can get

  57. PlayStation is killing it with their offerings with PS Plus unlike Microsoft who seems like they abandoned Games with Gold due to Gamepass

  58. Would someone playing Strikers be lost if they haven’t played Persona 5? Not a big turned based fan but the games look great, would love to do strikers first and if I’m invested in the characters go back and try Persona 5.

  59. Extremely lost and extremely spoiled. It's a direct sequel and continues the story of P5/P5R. I'd recommend skipping this game completely if you haven't played either of those two.

  60. It's a direct sequel which takes place 7 months or so after the end of the original game so you'll probably be lost in the beginning. The characters are already developed and know each other very well so it'll be like jumping into Season 6 of a show rather than starting at the beginning. Also it will spoil parts of the original game if you ever go back to it. It's a great game, my 2021 GOTY, but you should know that going in.

  61. Not really, Strikers is a direct sequel to P5. Certain characters and story beats will probably not make any sense if you go in completely blind.

  62. Not unless you adamantly don't want to play Persona 5 first, or if you love musous. It's a free fun game but you'll have to watch hours and hours of cutscenes of characters you have no attachment to if you don't play the original first.

  63. This is an awesome start to the new year! For once in like 3 years or so, all the titles in the PS Plus offerings are the ones I wanna try.

  64. Honestly surprised we got P5S, usually we find out about other regions inexplicably getting games like that as an extra bonus while we’re left with Basketball Game 2019 and Arena Looter Shooter #137482

  65. It's not like they can just pick and choose what game they want to offer, there's contracts to negotiate and those things take time

  66. If you don't want to slog through 100 hours of Persona 5 and/or hate turn based combat, I'd recommend just watching the anime (26 episodes + (27) Stars and Ours + (28) Dark Sun).

  67. Nice. 2 games I was tempted to buy, too bad I don’t have anyone to play Deep Rock with on PS. All my friends have PC, some have Xboxes.

  68. Y'all got me so worked up that if these weren't the games, I would have been a little disappointed. Thank god the leaks were right! Very excited to try all three

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