Things just got out of hand

  1. I remember reading some commenter on Reddit trying to explain why people with certain kinks, like pegging, aren't "totally straight". Like if someone can only experience sexual fulfillment with- and is only attracted to the opposite gender then what does society gain exactly by calling that anything other than straight? So weird the way that people fixate on this sort of stuff.

  2. Dude that reminds me of my middle school or whatever you call it (i was 12/13 for the record idk how to translate the German school system) and it was always like „ha yes dress is for girls“ well I’m just glad I became a bigger man

  3. Because its probably not easy for him (as for most cis-men) to break out of stereotypes that (probably) have been ingrained in his environment as long as he has lived. And no hes rightfully proud he did :)

  4. Well "this game let's me break out of my gender roles" or "I love this look so much that I'm fine with not using a more immersive avatar" are way more interesting statements than "I LIKE DRESS"

  5. Why does being straight matter in that post at all? Unless you’re asking for apologies in which case yes I am sorry.

  6. To be fair there’s a lot of people who karma whore on that subreddit by being like “did you know I’m a BOY. BUT IN A DRESS? YES IM A BOY IN A DRESS”

  7. You really gonna "No homo" when you dress up your Animal Crossing character but not when you start playing Animal Crossing? I love the series but like, you turn the damn game on and you're having flowery puppy charm being thrown at you upon pressing "Start", IDK why the dressing up is when it suddenly became important to this guy to go "Man ppl might think I'm gay for doing this"

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