I'm ready for that rerun! Which build would be better tho?

  1. First one definetly! That EM is gonna improve your melt dmg by a LOT , it also has more crit dmg. Reccomended crit rate for melt Ganyu is 55-65%, so with the first one you'd be more on the lower side, but I think thats alright.

  2. It's hard to say with stats that close. I'd say the second set for consistency, even if the EM and CD are lower. 55 CR is fine and will work, but 65 CR is a huge step-up IMO compared to the miniscule increases in CD and to a lesser extent, EM. My advice is, calculate their average damage output using Genshin Optimizer and decide based on the result because it's hard to judge by estimation.

  3. definitely the second one, the crit rate is just too important, especially if you’re running melt. consistency over high numbers.

  4. Personally first because of the em and cd, but if consistency means more to you than go with the second build!

  5. I'd say the 2nd since with a full Wanderer's set you'd want crit rate as high as possible. Say you were running Blizzard Strayer with a freeze comp then the 2nd stat distributions would be fine but since you aren't higher CR is going to be better.

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